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Blockchain Solutions That Work

It’s an excellent time to get on the Blockchain tech hype train. With EVA Codes, you can implement any blockchain project. We are NFT and DeFi fans who follow all the industry trends to make your new and unique idea happen!

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What We Focus On

  • NFT from scratch icon NFT from scratch

    NFT opens up many ways to make money with ease. We can help you to get into the flow. Do you want to set up your NFT or an NFT marketplace? We'll develop it all for your profit. NFT rises these days, and there won't be a better time diving in it than today.

  • DeFi Solutions icon DeFi Solutions

    We develop decentralized financing solutions from scratch. With us, you can create whatever you want if it’s based on DeFi. Having your DeFi token, for example, is the same as printing your own money, but there's a significant difference. Your DeFi token will be valuable. You will be able to buy, trade, invest with it and exchange it.

  • Customized Blockchain Solutions icon Customized Blockchain Solutions

    Do you want to launch your crypto-currency, exchange, or marketplace? We are here to back you up. People today invest in crypto. They consider it as a legit investment instrument. If you'd like to become integrated with the crypto market, drop us a line.

Our Services

  • Custom Blockchain Development & Integration

    Develop and Integrate a Custom Blockchain-Based Solution. You got an idea - we got a solution. We want you to rock the crypto world!

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

    Develop a Crypto Exchange. Start making profits on commissions and rates with no risk. Having your crypto exchange will give you a passive income working for you 24/7!

  • Enterprise Blockchain Development

    Develop a Blockchain Solution For Your Enterprise. It works for those who'd like to become one of the decentralized enterprises.

  • Blockchain Consulting

    Consult you on Blockchain-Related Topics. All you want to know about Blockchain, we know it all. If you like us to explain the whole thing to you, drop us a line. You'll get a proper plan of action on your query.

  • NFT Development

    Develop an NFT Token or Exchange. The world is buzzing about NFT. It's time to get your one and start profiting from it!

  • Defi Solutions

    Develop DeFi Solution. Get your DeFi token or a staking pool and get endless profit. Attract investors in your DeFi-related project and change the world of crypto.

What We Can Do From Scratch

  • Greater transparency icon Greater transparency

  • Increased efficiency icon Increased efficiency

  • Better security icon Better security

What We Can Do From Scratch

    NFT, DeFi, and More

    EVA Codes team is here to give you the best ways to make money. With us, you can run your NFT or a DeFi asset, or a crypto exchange. We’ll help you to choose the way that will bring you the most profit. With us, you can sit back and relax while your project will make some cash for you.

    • Blockchain dev services we offer are:

    •  - Complex enterprise solutions.

    •  - NFT tokens and exchanges.

    •  - Cryptocurrencies. 

    •  - DeFi solutions.

    •  - Crypto wallets.

    •  - Pre-STOs and STOs.

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