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DeFi Solutions For Your Needs

Decentralized Finance is a new trend the Blockchain gave us. EVA Codes team can develop it all: from a token to a staking pool. We need your idea only; drop us a line, and we'll handle the rest. Get on the hype train and start profiting with us!

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DeFi Development In Focus

  • DeFi Tokens icon DeFi Tokens

    Get a custom DeFi token in short terms with the help of the EVA Codes team. We will help you to make a reliable solution for your needs. You can sell it and make money or use it as a base for upcoming projects. You'll choose what to do, and we are here to help you.

  • DeFi Smart Contracts icon DeFi Smart Contracts

    Get a smart contract tailor-made for your needs. Remake an existing financial service in DeFi base to innovate. EVA Codes team will develop your smart contract from scratch. Please give us your idea and wait some time. After we're done, it will be your turn to change the crypto world!

  • DeFi Staking Pools icon DeFi Staking Pools

    There aren't many staking pools in the market. Yet, all of them make money. To get a passive income in crypto, get a DeFi staking pool. Let the users provide liquidity and earn some money on that.

Our Services

  • DeFi Token Development

    Develop A DeFi Token From Scratch. If you have an idea of a token, come to EVA Codes, we’ll make it real. All we need is your idea and some time to make it happen.

  • DeFi Consulting

    Consult You On The DeFi Industry. We know everything about this field. If you don’t know what’s going on or are not sure if you need DeFi, contact us.

  • Defi Staking Pool Development

    Develop A Defi Staking Pool. Do you want to profit from people giving the liquidity to DeFi? Drop us a line and consider it done.

  • Defi Smart Contract Development

    Develop A Defi Smart Contract. Perfect for those taking their enterprise on a new crypto level.

  • DeFi Exchange Platform

    Set Up A DeFi Exchange Platform From Scratch. Start profiting on the commissions and exchange rate. Almost zero engagement in this process is needed.

  • DeFi Protocol Development

    Develop A Unique DeFi Protocol For Your Needs. Are you an innovator craving to get on the hype train? Developing your protocol will come in handy in these hype times.

What DeFi Can Do For You

  • Grow your money icon Grow your money

  • Make you an innovating hero icon Make you an innovating hero

  • Take your enterprise to a crypto level icon Take your enterprise to a crypto level

  • Become a great field for your products icon Become a great field for your products

We’ll Provide You With

    DeFi Development

    DeFi alters the finance system we all know. You can loan, lend and change DeFi tokens with ease. You can buy NFT and mere crypto with DeFi in a few clicks. We make custom solutions for all kinds of DeFi-related products. Become an innovating hero. Launch your DeFi while we'll help you on all stages. 

    We can develop the following for you:

    - DeFi tokens.

    - DeFi staking pools.

    - DeFi smart contracts.

    - DeFi exchanges.

    - PreSTO & STO.

    - DeFi protocols.

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