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EvaCodes Cosmos blockchain development team has vast experience in crafting world-class decentralized apps for global organizations using cutting-edge technologies and blockchain networks. These applications are built to reduce or eliminate the need for a central authority. Using the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, our Cosmos developers create scalable decentralized apps and join a new multiverse of interconnected services.

The three Cosmos Layers that make up the Cosmos protocol make it possible to process transactions, for blockchains to interact with one another, and to operate across different services.

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Which Issues Does Cosmos Solve?

By enabling blockchains to communicate, Cosmos resolves the three fundamental blockchain challenges of scalability, sovereignty, and sustainability. The Cosmos software development kit (SDK) facilitates the building of sovereign blockchains without starting from scratch.

The Cosmos SDK helps blockchains to communicate with one another and minimizes transaction fees. Cosmos network developers can replicate blockchains to alleviate congestion and achieve scalability using the Cosmos SDK, while the PoS Cosmos consensus algorithm and Cosmos Hub ensure network security and longevity.

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All-Inclusive Cosmos Blockchain Development Services

Cosmos dApps Development

Cosmos dApps Development

The first step in our methodology for developing Cosmos DApps is to analyze how the Cosmos network can be of advantage to your company. Our Cosmos blockchain developers construct enterprise-grade solutions that add transparency and confidence to systems. This process begins with preliminary conceptualization and planning for the architecture and continues through design and development. We also apply our comprehensive understanding of Tendermint BFT, Cosmos Nodes, and the many different Cosmos Layers, such as the Layer of Consensus, the Cosmos Networking Layers, and the Application Layer.

Cosmos Wallet Development

Cosmos Wallet Development

We develop crypto wallets using the Cosmos platform, which enables customers to store numerous cryptocurrencies and digital assets, follow the history of their transactions, and check their balance from any device.

Cosmos Smart Contract Development

Cosmos Smart Contract Development

We are a Cosmos blockchain development company that specializes in the creation of Cosmos blockchain applications, and we provide cross-chain bridge smart contract solutions to startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We construct cross-chain projects with the help of Cosmos, make connections with chains that are compatible with it, and run decentralized bridges with chains like Ethereum and more.

Cosmos NFT Marketplace Development

Cosmos NFT Marketplace Development

We have programmers to design, construct, and create future-ready Cosmos marketplace development solutions for metaverses, NFTs, token exchanges, DeFi, and other applications. We provide assistance to companies so that they can construct robust and interoperable platforms which are decentralized and which enable users to freely trade data and assets across numerous sovereign blockchains.

Cosmos DeFi Applications Development

Cosmos DeFi Applications Development

We offer development services to create Cosmos solutions for decentralized finance, such as wallets and gateways, coins and NFTs, platforms, and more.

Cosmos Blockchain Consulting

Cosmos Blockchain Consulting

Use the power of our user-friendly and Web3-oriented Cosmos blockchain development solutions to generate and send tokens, engage in inter-blockchain communication, participate in on-chain governance, and so much more. Our Cosmos blockchain development team also provides strategic support for the maintenance and upkeep of the Cosmos blockchain, ensuring that it is operational at all times.

Cosmos Blockchain Technology Stack

IBC Protocol


Cosmos SDKs

Tendermint Core


Ignite CLI



Agoric Swingset

Application BlockChain Interface

Industries In Focus


We are developing new levels of communication between medical professionals and their patients that are consistent with HIPAA and are based on blockchain technology. Maintaining health records, guarding sensitive patient data, and ensuring that multiple healthcare providers can securely share patient-related data can all be accomplished with the help of bespoke Cosmos Hub solutions. Our Cosmos development company has access to a cutting-edge, risk-free tool that can diagnose patients swiftly and precisely, successfully treat them, and monitor their vital signs.

Fintech & Banking

Processing all your payments through the cloud or a distributed Cosmos network system can cut down on transaction-related delays and costs. The solutions provided by Cosmos Blockchain help you do away with intermediaries, automate bank activities, make instant approvals, attract new clients, and bring full transparency to all procedures carried out inside the sector.


With the help of our Cosmos blockchain development services, you can simplify your entire supply chain cycle and increase consumer confidence. We develop bespoke blockchain software that not only improves supply chain security but also reduces operational expenses and mitigates the spread of counterfeit goods. Now you can cut disruptions by transparently monitoring the provenance of goods and obtaining digital certification.


We design unique gaming systems based on the Cosmos blockchain, which offers the highest possible level of safety. In addition, our blockchain-built software is extremely resistant to attacks from hackers, system malfunctions, and cheating. The technologies that we create using the Cosmos SDK and other tools improve monetization, authenticate and protect digital assets and tokenized monies, and execute payments in real-time.


Blockchain technology allows for the creation of one-of-a-kind customer experiences and loyalty programs, as well as the establishment of client trust and the reduction of transaction costs. Our Cosmos solutions can help your organization in a variety of ways, including by facilitating cryptocurrency payments, administering inventories and supply chains, and detecting counterfeit items.


We help merchants digitize and secure streamlined operations, overcome obstacles associated with import and export, ensure product identification, and make payments that are both quick and safe.

Real Estate

The implementation of blockchain technology in the business sector enables the digitization of property rights, the storage of all property documents in an irreversible ledger, and, as a result, increased transparency about ownership provenance and document management. The Cosmos ecosystem can assist companies operating in the real estate sector in streamlining their administration and sales procedures, establishing trust between partners and customers, and a great deal more.


Blockchain-based solutions allow for the elimination of inaccurate documentation, easy error checking, and the establishment of trust with customers. By utilizing Cosmos apps and services, you can make quick data transfers, promote transparency for all parties involved, and more effectively manage insurance claims while reducing handling expenses. Cosmos Hub serves as the core of the interchain.

Benefits of Hiring EvaCodes Cosmos Developers

Client-oriented approach

Your time and the demands of your business are important to us, and we will do everything in our power to meet those demands. We will always be there to help you bring your ideas to fruition.

In-house team

EvaCodes blockchain specialists are committed to continuous professional development in the Cosmos ecosystem. Just hire our Web3 experts, and they will focus solely on completing your assignment.

Rich experience

We create tailored distributed applications (dApps) and smart contracts for a variety of business sectors. We have the experience necessary to quickly deliver solutions that are safe, scalable, and interoperable with other systems.

Wide experience with projects

Our team has successfully completed hundreds of blockchain projects. We have provided solutions for a diverse set of businesses, ranging from the healthcare sector field to the retail industry.

Fast and global

Our wealth of experience allows us to provide the most effective solutions in the most efficient manner. Because members of our team are spread out across the globe, we are able to keep work going around the clock and finish projects more quickly.

Great communication skills

We put so much into providing the best solutions for your company, so your satisfaction is extremely important to us. You can count on our team to provide you with regular updates and assistance in resolving any problems that arise.

Cosmos Blockchain Development Process

Discovery Workshop

To begin, we need to gain an understanding of the objectives of your upcoming project, its specifications and features, and the technical processes involved.

BA and Consulting

After that, we do an in-depth analysis of your company as well as your competitors, and we offer consultancy services in order to present you with the most viable choices.

Strategy and Solution Design

Taking into account the project's desirability, viability, and practicality, our team formulates a plan to illustrate the project's roadmap.


At this point, our skilled Cosmos developers will build your product according to your specifications and fix any minor faults that are discovered.

Testing and QA

We put your product through extensive testing to ensure that it is ready to be released to the public and is free of errors and problems.

Launch and Maintenance

We launch your product according to the standards you provide, and we also provide maintenance services to assist you in managing any third-party upgrades or new operating system versions.

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Development Team

Our blockchain developers have hands-on experience with cognitive technologies in order to provide our customers with solutions and services of the highest possible quality.

Team Extension

This model is designed to assist clients who want to augment their existing teams with members who have the specific knowledge needed for their projects.

Project-based Model

Our software development specialists and those who work with project-based models are available for customer collaboration and engagement in individual client projects.

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