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Bespoke Decentralized Autonomous Organization Development Company

EvaCodes provides the best decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) blockchain development by combining innovative concepts and cutting-edge technology with a top-tier team.
We offer you transparent, cost-effective, dependable, and verifiable development services.

We create the blueprint for your product’s success

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DAO Services

DAO node development

DAO node development

We provide the greatest node development services, opening up the opportunity for voting on the DAO platform. Use this node to authenticate the DAO and increase its popularity.

DAO dApp development

DAO dApp development

If you are looking for the best DAO development company, EvaCodes will breathe life into your ideas! We provide dApp development services for DAO-like wallets to gain access to the trading process and generate substantial profits. dApps are used to recruit users to replicate independently.

DAO consulting service

DAO consulting service

As an experienced team of developers with significant industry participation, we can explain the full DAO blockchain development process and the negotiated cost structures so you know just what you’re getting into.

DAO integration service

DAO integration service

We offer various different options, but one of the most important ones is integrating DAO into your company or organization.

DAO smart contract development

DAO smart contract development

Our smart contract developers are highly experienced coders who have worked on a variety of projects to provide the most effective DAO development solutions. The features of the DAO that can never be updated will be categorized using smart contracts. Meanwhile, it is regarded as one of the most secure networks, and all operations are governed by the DAO society's laws.

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How Does DAO Work?

Effective DAO development strategies

Stepping into the development strategies, we assemble the main needs of our clients to ensure a successful enterprise. We devote our full efforts to modeling the workflow pattern and adhering to it to produce superior results for our clients.

Support and maintenance

DAO platform development for your organization will be accomplished in a profitable manner with post-project assistance. We have different teams for each phase, with particular care and concentration on maintenance and support.

DAO Consulting

We are capable of explaining the entire process of project creation because our team of developers is highly experienced and we have major industry engagement.

Top-notch DAO development services

The growth of DAO begins with the construction of smart contracts, which is the most fundamental step. We work hard to design DAO services that are tailored to your requirements and carried out in a methodical and organized fashion within a predetermined amount of time.

Remarkable Features of a DAO



Open source code

High transparency

Smart contract coded

Low operational costs

Built with blockchain technology

Use Cases

Execution of proposals

The primary use case of DAO is to enable community members to hold shares in an organization. These shares can be used for identification in a voting system to obtain rewards and initiate the proposal execution process.

Funding for decentralized projects

Another common application of a DAO is to raise capital for investing purposes. The funds are used to promote decentralized applications and a new generation of crypto-related projects. Members own interests in the projects and receive a portion of the revenues.


DAOs can help in crowdsourcing to boost business growth, such as the Constitutional DAO, which is a prominent illustration of how DAOs can aid in gathering funds for a specific project.

NFT-based investing

Another essential use case emphasizes NFT-based investing, a trend that has been gaining steam as the market for NFTs has grown. Numerous NFT holders can stake their NFTs for voting and earning tokens as a single fraction of the group's assets.

Metaverse decentralization

Metaverse development platforms are introducing DAOs to encourage decentralization by permitting users to vote on game and ecosystem modifications. Decentraland DAO allows participants of the 3D world to vote on platform and ecosystem modifications.

Decentralization applications governance

The goal and focus of blockchain developers are to extend decentralized capability beyond the network level. DAOs can assist app developers in convincing users to trust the platform rather than the developers and in granting token holders voting rights.

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Benefits of Adopting DAO to Your Business

Users can conduct transactions throughout the globe without difficulty and without the need for third parties.

Voting rights are granted to token holders, allowing them to be transparent and invest in multiple DAOs.

DAO allows users to trade using DAO tokens without any hassle, resulting in a system that is not susceptible to hacking.

Depending on their preferences, investors can either participate or log off, and they are not required to complete extensive documentation.

DAO platform development does not require the trust of higher-ups, and its codes are open source. The DAO program or organization will continue to function even if a developer stops working or financing is cut off.

DAO cannot be disabled. It has no authority to share information with any government agency. Any company that requires DAO information must possess a substantial quantity of tokens. Then they must submit a proposal for voting, which must be approved by the DAO.

Why Is DAO the Best Choice for Your Business?

Many companies want DAOs to increase management alignment. A DAO gives every member a voice, vote, and chance to suggest initiatives instead of depending on a single person or small group to steer the entity. A DAO also seeks blockchain-based governance. Some investors require trust. DAO strongly guarantees codes. It fosters a flexible market economy.

Why Choose EvaCodes for DAO Development?

EvaCodes is proud to be a leading DAO development company that caters to the diverse needs of different organizations in the best way possible without allowing any of them a single opportunity to complain. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable developers has an in-depth understanding of the area to provide each client with the most appropriate services.

Transparent process

Superior post-development support

Utilization of cutting-edge tools and technology


Certified developer team

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Our Process

Discovery workshop

To start, we determine your organization's objectives, pain spots, and priorities. These repeated brainstorming sessions enable us to map out your existing processes and future objectives.

Strategy and solution design

After gathering your requirements at a whiteboard session, we begin developing, prototyping, and user testing your platform or product.


During this phase, our developers focus on programming and coding based on the accepted designs. Our development lifecycle consists of three phases: Alpha, Beta, and Release.

Testing and QA

For each release of your product or platform, we continue our data-derived validation process and do extensive QA testing to ensure the final product is market-ready.

Launch and maintenance

With your permission, our devs publish your product in real environments. We specialize exclusively in cloud and on-premises hosting.

Support and customer service

Our work does not end with the launch of the product. We offer broad post-delivery services so that you can concentrate on business expansion.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed cost

Hire our expert developers for a project that requires full attention. This month-to-month arrangement requires no upfront commitment.

Time and material

Ask about our hourly rates if your firm needs continuing help creating a DAO. This method charges you for project work hours.

Dedicated team

If your firm needs a DAO development company to complete a project, contact us about hiring our developers. This month-to-month deal requires no upfront payment.

Hire DAO Developers

EvaCodes is an association of blockchain technology’s most talented developers. By understanding the intricacies of the technology, our experts provide powerful DAO development services. Check us out if you are looking for the top DAO developers. Our developers are available on a monthly, daily, or full-time basis. With our contemporary concepts, we will help you stand out amongst the competition.


What is a DAO?

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are community-owned companies with no central authority, allowing team members to own and manage their own assets. It is one of the most secure ways to collaborate with internet non-natives and is regarded as a safe place to allocate funds for a certain purpose.

How much does DAO development cost?

An average budget for a DAO development project would run between $200,000 and $240,000, covering the production of ERC-20 tokens, DEX, DeFi lending/staking, liquidity mining, wallet integration, and the setup of a liquidity protocol.

What is the size of the EvaCodes team?

The company has about 100+ employees.

What blockchain development stack do you cover?

Our Tech Stack includes:

Where are the EvaCodes teams?

EvaCodes is headquartered in Kyiv (Ukraine) and has branch offices across Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, and Armenia.

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Our offices

  • 651 N BROAD ST, STE 206 Middletown, DE 19709, United States
  • 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  • str. Dorohozhytska, 3 Kyiv, 02000 Ukraine
  • 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  • +380736113097
  • 24/15 Azatutyan Avenue Yerevan 0018 Armenia
  • 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Our DAO Development Work

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All-in-One Multi-Chain DEX


Defi Yop – Yield Optimization Platform


Wealth Protocol – Crypto-Wealth Management application


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