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Let the expert blockchain developers at EvaCodes create a bespoke DEX for you, complete with a comprehensive range of trading tools and the ability to operate across many blockchain networks. By providing you with DEX development services that are of the next generation, we can take your cryptocurrency business to the next level.

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What Is a Decentralized Exchange?

A DEX (decentralized exchange) is a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can trade cryptocurrencies without the requirement for an intermediary to handle the transfer and custody of funds. DEXs replace traditional intermediaries like banks, brokers, payment processors, and other institutions with smart contracts based on blockchain technology that facilitate the exchange of assets.

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Difference Between Decentralized and Traditional Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges

  • Peer-to-peer transactions are secure because they eliminate third parties and protect user information.
  • Users get unrestricted access to all digital materials.
  • Zero or little transaction fees.
  • Trade is processed with high efficiency.
  • A trusted exchange for cryptocurrency transactions.

Traditional exchanges

  • Due to insufficient protection, it is possible for unauthorized parties to access the ideal transaction details of the users.
  • Insufficient management of digital assets.
  • High transaction fees.
  • Unreliable cryptocurrency exchange.

Decentralized Exchange Development Services

Decentralized exchange integration

Decentralized exchange integration services use all the necessary functions for a process to run well. Our DEX development company concentrates on integrating distributed ledger technology into the business to maximize its benefits. Also, we provide DEX aggregator development services, which can utilize a variety of protocols, including automated market makers, and procedures to address liquidity issues, shielding users from pricing effects and reducing the risk of failed transactions.

Building decentralized exchange

We specialize in constructing decentralized crypto exchange that is fast, secure, and scalable. We integrate the customer's requested features and modules with security-enhanced processes. Every feature is subjected to a quality assurance procedure to confirm its viability.

P2P smart contract creation

We develop a peer-to-peer system for smart contracts that promote secure and successful transactions. Decentralized trade facilitates higher speed and transparency due to the absence of middlemen.

Hybrid exchange development

Our development of a hybrid exchange provides customers with both centralized and decentralized options, where users benefit from both decentralized and centralized exchanges, showing the benefits and functions of both exchange types.

Features Included in Our Decentralized Exchange Development Services

automated market maker

Multiple crypto and fiat support

Trading in different cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currencies, is supported on the DEX development platform. Traders can effortlessly swap any money of their choosing that is either approved or properly registered.

peer to peer trading

Sole ownership and control

Traders retain complete ownership and control over their funds, and they can directly facilitate a transaction from their personal wallets rather than being required to transfer cash to a wallet controlled by a third party.

private keys

Hardware wallet integration

In addition to providing you with a software wallet, we enable the integration of a hardware wallet that is end-to-end protected in our decentralized exchange platform. This is done to facilitate secure transactions and protect your cash.

decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges

Quicker and safer transactions

Without the need for intermediaries or other risk factors, our decentralized exchange platform makes it possible to conduct direct transactions that are faster, safer, and less expensive.

decentralized crypto exchange

Proven trustworthiness and privacy

Because both the transactions and the funds in the exchange are entirely within the authority of the users, this facilitates improved levels of trust and anonymity.

liquidity pools

Robust admin and user dashboard

We incorporate powerful admin and user dashboards into our exchange, which enables exchange owners and traders to operate their businesses efficiently and successfully even if they do not have any prior experience or training in programming.

business model

Seamless trading experience

Users will be able to engage in many global transactions with low delay and no downtime as a result of the integration of our key operations with the exchange, which will provide a trading experience for those users.

minimal trading fees

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, which provides a higher level of protection for users' data and transactions, is built into the decentralized exchange platform that we provide.

equal access

Smart contract integration

Our knowledgeable specialists will be able to integrate a smart contract into the marketplace in a way that will make it possible for automated transactions to take place in a way that is both smooth and safe. This will lead to improvements in efficacy, accuracy, and data privacy.

trading process

Payment gateway integration

We integrate numerous different payment channels into the exchange so that customers can make payments in the quickest and most convenient way possible using the payment method of their choice.

crypto assets

Smooth interactions between buyer and seller

Because of the high quality of our DEX development solutions, we can guarantee that all contacts and transactions between buyers and sellers go off without a hitch.

decentralized exchange script

Reliable decentralized exchange on blockchain

Because we make it a point to hire only the very best and most experienced developers, programmers, and blockchain experts when we construct the platform for the decentralized exchange, you won't have to worry about any errors occurring during the automation of the exchange's operations.

decentralized exchange model

Intuitive UI/UX

The user interface of our decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is developed to be both sophisticated and easy to use. It does not have any bugs or errors, and it may be used by people with varying levels of expertise without any problems.

fiat currency

History of transactions

Every single transaction, as well as the history of withdrawals and deposits, is documented. Users will be able to see this history whenever it is convenient for them, keeping them apprised of anything and everything that takes place on the exchange.

blockchain development

Easy, breezy registration

Our platform makes it possible to have a registration process that is genuinely quick and straightforward, with a flow that is smooth and not congested with an excessive number of options.

white label crypto exchange

Easy-to-use platform

Our trading interface is intuitive and provides customers with all the information they could possibly need, including trading methods, the most recent market updates, and more. Users can add or remove any cryptocurrency based on their individual preferences.

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How Do You Benefit from a Decentralized Exchange Platform?

No Middlemen

Flawless Transactions

No Central Authority

User Privacy

Enhanced Security

Faster Trading

Choose a Blockchain for Your DEX Platform

Your DEX development can be handled by the team of developers, engineers, and designers at EvaCodes decentralized exchange development company, who are familiar with a wide variety of blockchain technologies. You have the following options available:

DEX development on Ethereum

Ethereum, although having challenges with scalability due to the rising demand among DEX developers, is still the default alternative for DEX development for many firms. This is because Ethereum was the first cryptocurrency ever created. The Ethereum ecosystem has demonstrated its appropriateness, security, and adaptability for more than five years, during which time it has powered thousands of different DeFi systems.

DEX development on Polkadot

If you want your application to scale effectively, your first choice should be Polkadot with Substrate.

Thisblockchain does not support forks, which enables updates to occur without the need for splits and provides remarkable adaptability to changes. Interoperability, which is impossible to achieve with other blockchains, solid security, and simple development are three further benefits offered by this technology (which leads to lower development costs).

DEX development on Polygon

Polygon was developed as a solution to the scalability issues that Ethereum was facing. This protocol and framework are utilized in the process of developing blockchain goods that are compatible with Ethereum and connecting such products to the ecosystem. As a result, you can utilize the Ethereum architecture, which is suitable for the DEX concept.

DEX development on Solana

DEX platform development on Solana offers a variety of advantages to users, such as reduced gas expenses and accelerated transaction times. In addition, it is easy to implement machine learning and neural networks into Solana-powered DEXs, which provides consumers with a new level of usability and experience when using DEXs.

DEX development on Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is recognized as a technology that powers the most cutting-edge applications in both NFT and DeFi. Its success can be attributed to the fact that it is quick, decentralized, easily accessible, and has strong security. The design of BSC is a two-chain architecture, which enables users to construct their own decentralized applications (Dapps) and digital assets on one blockchain while simultaneously benefiting from the expedited trading capabilities of another blockchain.

How Our Decentralized Exchange Software Helps You Forge Ahead in the Market.

Here are a few essential variables linked to our decentralized exchange development solutions to help you sustain yourself and stand out from the crowd in this fast-growing and extremely competitive decentralized market scenario.

Enhanced reliability

Our decentralized exchange software has been carefully planned and created by industry professionals who have unparalleled competence in the field; as a result, it provides greater reliability and ensures long-term sustainability in the market.

Priority to security

EvaCodes decentralized exchange software development company devotes the utmost priority to the quality and security of the exchange, and we integrate top-of-the-line, multi-layer security procedures to ensure a flawless business experience for both users and platform owners. This is done to ensure that the exchange meets our high standards.

Top-level performance

Our decentralized exchange platforms provide excellent performance, can handle many transactions at once, support multiple payment gateways, and are fully functional at an affordable price.

Scalability and customizability

Our decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is very scalable, and it comes with a broad variety of customization options for customers to choose from — for example, automated market makers — so they can start the exchange under a brand name of their choosing.

Why Choose EvaCodes for Decentralized Exchange?

EvaCodes is an industry-leading decentralized exchange development company that places a primary emphasis on meeting the specific demands and necessities of a variety of enterprises. We have a highly trained staff that has been properly educated and has great experience, allowing them to complete even the most difficult tasks with the utmost simplicity and convenience.

An expert group of professionals

Consistent client support

Work of the finest quality

Well-organized process of development

Highly transparent process

Quick turnaround time

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Our Decentralized Exchange Software Development Process

Gathering the requirements

We determine the technical specifications of your decentralized exchange development project and choose the most suitable technology for its development.

DEX UI/UX design

UI/UX is a crucial factor in the user adoption of a product, so we handle the design step with care by creating a simple and straightforward DEX interface.

DEX MVP development

We create the minimum viable product (MVP) to test the viability and key aspects of the project with a set of test consumers. Improvements are done based on input from the MVP.

Testing phase

QA analysts develop and assess the final product. Before its official release, all flaws and vulnerabilities are uncovered and resolved.

DEX Deployment

This is the final phase of DEX development, allowing users to join the platform and begin utilizing its capabilities.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed price

If your company is working on a project that requires undivided focus, please contact us about assembling a dedicated team. There are no upfront fees associated with this month-to-month agreement.

Time and material

Inquire about hourly prices if your company needs decentralized exchange development services. This is an hourly arrangement with compensation made as hours of work are accumulated.

Dedicated team

You can ask for a specialized team if your organization is working on a project that needs dedicated staff. This deal is month-to-month with no upfront charges.

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