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DeFi Staking Platform Development Agency

EvaCodes, a leading DeFi development company, offers world-class solutions for DeFi staking platform development for everyone from established corporations to start-ups. To reduce threats, our professionals add cutting-edge security elements throughout the development process.

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How Does Staking Work?

In this fast-paced technology age, people are looking for new ways to earn and save money in a secure environment. For years, banks have provided paltry interest on savings. This has led many people to embrace the Decentralized Finance system.

DeFi staking uses smart contracts to lock a certain amount of cryptocurrency within a smart wallet or crypto exchange platform in exchange for interest returns. DeFi staking is a beneficial strategy to supplement the highly profitable income of crypto staking. DeFi staking is generating a lot of buzz in the crypto world, attracting the attention of people from all over the industry. With the introduction of Ethereum 2.0, DeFi staking is set to skyrocket.

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Pros of Using DeFi Staking Platform

Transparent and Secure

Transparent and Secure

Staking platforms built on top of DeFi are both safe and transparent. Their transparency helps win investor trust in the absence of formal centralized rules.

Easily Accessible

Easily Accessible

In contrast to many banks and other financial institutions, DeFi staking platforms are accessible around the clock, 365 days a year, and offer their services to investors and traders without interruption.

Ability to Earn High-Interest Rates

Ability to Earn High-Interest Rates

Platforms for decentralized cryptocurrency staking integrate seamlessly with smart contracts. Because of this automation, the traditional platform expenses for borrowing and lending money are reduced, which enables customers to earn better interest rates.

Better Liquidity

Better Liquidity

As a result of the global reach that decentralized platforms have, crypto-staking platforms are able to provide superior liquidity. Investors from all around the world have the opportunity to contribute liquidity to the platform in exchange for rewards.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Staking in DeFi is used as part of the Proof of Stake (PoS) method, which is used to validate transactions on the blockchain. This has the potential to help do away with the energy-intensive Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism.

Decentralized Banking Solutions

Decentralized Banking Solutions

Our solutions give you access to decentralized finance, which enables you to transact easily, securely, and affordably from anywhere.

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The DeFi Staking Platforms EvaCodes Can Create

develop defi staking platform


Because of the increasing number of customers, cryptocurrency exchanges have made it possible to stake. Transform your current cryptocurrency exchange, or build a new one specifically for staking from the ground up.

defi staking solutions


Staking is a method in which users can earn income by keeping a particular sort of cryptocurrency. Users, therefore, require a location to both lock and store their cryptocurrencies. Wallets allow users to store their crypto assets in a manner that is both safe and simple to use.

defi protocol


Staking-as-a-service software offered by a third party is used exclusively for staking, in contrast to wallets and exchanges, which can also function as platforms for trading and storing digital assets. It handles the technical operations involved in staking and makes it possible for everyone to take part in the staking economy. We can deliver DeFi staking software quickly and effectively.

Top Features of DeFi Staking Platforms


Outstanding decentralization by incorporating blockchain technology in groundbreaking ways.


Because the architecture of DeFi Staking platforms doesn't include any complicated elements, anyone can use it.

Rewards Calculator

Grow your business by limiting the pace of inflation while increasing the amount of money you make from selling coins.

Optimal Payouts

Facilitate transactions and save their histories to save users time and effort in maintaining their records in the future.


Two-factor authentication provides strong defense for your DeFi platform against hacks or fraudulent activity.


We provide users of a DeFi Staking Platform with the highest possible level of transparency in order to maintain a trustworthy ecosystem.

Key Benefits of a DeFi Staking Platform

For Stakers

  • Earn passive income
  • Low Entry Fees
  • Easy to Start
  • High interest payouts
  • Highly secure

For Staking Platforms

  • Attract more liquidity
  • Acts like a crypto bank
  • Earn high revenue from stakers

For Blockchain Networks

  • Aggressive token market initialization
  • High liquidity
  • Saves energy
  • DeFi oriented token staked

How to Reward Users


Users who contribute to the validation of the blockchain will earn incentives. The reward for confirming transactions on a blockchain is directly proportionate to the number of assets that users currently possess. If you have a greater number of assets, completing more validation tasks and earning more rewards is much more easily done.


This procedure entails compensating users for locking their assets on your site for a predetermined period of time. The incentives are computed based on the locked-in purchases; the greater the locked-in assets, the greater the dividends distributed to customers' wallets.


The participation of a fund manager with considerable money represents delegation. This platform's profits are reinvested, and dividends are dispersed evenly to all users. Fund managers are compensated for their skills and expertise.

Challenges in Building a DeFi Staking Platform

DeFi is revolutionizing conventional monetary exchange. However, this kind of trailblazing is fraught with challenges. The development of DeFi staking involves a number of problems, all of which you will need to be aware of.

Energy consumption

When writing blockchain blocks, the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks need a substantial amount of energy. While there is no way to significantly reduce energy usage, Ethereum's energy requirements are lower than Bitcoin's. The energy savings from building with Ethereum could be up to 100 terawatt-hours of electricity per year.

Lack of regulation and penalties

There are no restrictions or disciplinary processes in place to prohibit or punish fraud and malevolent users. Proof-of-stake blockchain networks use slashing to paralyze "bad" validators. Slashing strategies can increase node security, availability, and network involvement.

Complex staking mechanism

Staking is a sophisticated system that entails more than simply depositing money into a bank account and watching it grow. Each cryptocurrency has its own set of rules, staking times, and interest rates. EvaCodes understands how to design an easy-to-use staking mechanism that makes the process simple for your users.

Expensive barriers to entry

Becoming a validator on the ETH network requires a minimum stake of 32 ETH, which is a significant barrier to entry. There are various alternatives to reduce this barrier. Users can also function as delegators with a minimum of 1 ETH or platform token per delegation, making it easy for anyone to join.

Boosted advantages of DeFi Staking

High Earning Potential

You stand to make a significant amount of money both as a staker and as a network participant from our DeFi staking development services.

Elevated Liquidity

The process of DeFi Staking generates increased liquidity for DeFi platforms, which in turn provides platform users with excellent earning potential.

Excellent Security

The consolidation of smart contracts within DeFi Staking platforms will provide strong security to DeFi enthusiasts.

Lower Energy Consumption

Using our DeFi Staking platforms means expending less energy for block validation.

Why Choose EvaCodes to Build Your DeFi Staking Platform?

Experienced Team

Our experts have what it takes to meet all your requirements and bring real benefit to your company as they develop your DeFi staking platform with the most cutting-edge technical strategies. They can also start communities and campaigns to take your project to the next level.


We will build you a specialized product that is geared specifically toward the people you intend to sell it to, and you can rest easy knowing that the product's development, deployment, and marketing will follow our agreed-upon roadmap.

Swift Development

We make your project a reality, and we do it quickly. Because EvaCodes DeFi staking platform development company goes above and beyond for you.

Outstanding Outcomes

We do everything we can to make your investment pay off exactly as you need it to.

Cost Effective

We are pleased to provide you with the development of a DeFi staking platform at a competitive, affordable cost.

24/7 Support

Making your project a success doesn’t happen all at once. It is an ongoing process, and your organization can rely on us to provide the help you need no matter what happens. Post-delivery support is one of the many DeFi staking platform development services that we provide in order to help you expand your business after you launch your product.

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Why Should You Invest in DeFi Staking Platform Development?

The process of lending and borrowing money is made more transparent, as well as reimagined and simplified, by staking in DeFi. The advantages of DeFi staking have caused it to acquire traction all across the world. The total assets invested in DeFi platforms reached between $21 and $23 billion at the beginning of the year 2021. The increasing demand for staking is reflected in this number.

These fresh concepts are here to stay and will fundamentally alter our future. You should make an investment in this burgeoning technology since its value will soon rise.

Our Process

01. Inquiry

Through close collaboration with our customers, we gain a comprehensive understanding of business requirements, and then we develop a blockchain architecture that is tailored to meet those objectives. We don’t offer DeFi staking services only; instead, we get the opportunity to investigate how it might assist in the inventive resolution of a number of problems that are encountered on a regular basis.

02. Planning

We are a team of strategists and experts who will assist you in navigating the disruption that has been generated by the debuts of decentralized cryptocurrency wallets. Assessing organizational readiness, predicting business implications, and designing go-to-market plans are just some of the DeFi staking development services we offer to ensure the continued success of your business in this new economy.

03. Development

After careful planning, we are ready to start the process of helping you construct your own DeFi staking platform. We are experts in designing crypto wallets, and we've got you covered with our extensive knowledge depth and breadth across our organization. Our goal is to involve stakeholders so that they may construct solutions that are ready to be deployed.

04. Implementation

Trustworthy crypto wallet software and upgrades are what we intend to deliver to each of our customers as part of our service. Even after the product has been deployed, we make it a point to ensure that the service we provide for them will have a measurable impact on their operations.

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Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Development Team

Hire EvaCodes developers to save time, money, and effort in assembling an in-house team of blockchain engineers for a single project. We have teams equipped with the necessary tech stack and skills to build your DeFi project.

Team Extension

If you currently have several professionals but are missing one or two people with knowledge in a specific technology stack, you can engage EvaCodes experts on a project-by-project basis to bolster your in-house team. They will collaborate with you to ensure the best development possible.

Project-based Model

If you require assistance but lack the necessary personnel, EvaCodes developers can work with you on a project basis or provide ongoing support. You can count on us to help you with any size or complexity of activity or project.

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