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Our DeFi token development company helps our customers develop their own DeFi token so that they can take advantage of the decentralized economy. These tokens can be used to launch applications on native application blockchains or on other blockchains.

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Services We Provide

Fee Tokens

Fee Tokens

Fee tokens are designed to claim a certain share of the fees generated by a particular decentralized exchange protocol. There is a user usage cost attached to each and every DeFi protocol. In order to collect these costs, you can use a DeFi exchange development company to help develop fee tokens. These tokens can be circulated either as stable coins or as the protocol's own native currency.

Governance Tokens

Governance Tokens

These tokens have quickly gained popularity among the DeFi protocol development community. These tokens grant holders governance privileges, such as the right to decide how the project will evolve over time. The primary creators of the DeFi protocol devise a method by which the protocol can be modified, and the community can use governance DeFi tokens to vote on different suggestions. Sometimes developers will combine the capabilities of governance tokens and fee tokens into a single token.

Collateral Tokens

Collateral Tokens

These tokens have their value tied to the prices that the DeFi protocol is attempting to keep track of and regulate. This is of even greater significance for protocols that include the generation of synthetic assets. Because of these assets, there is a possibility that there will be no extra collateral for the pegging of a synthetically-generated asset. This could happen at any time. When anything like this occurs, the blockchain utilizes the network to restore liquidity and the peg.

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Types of DeFi Token Standards EvaCodes Offers

Our DeFi token development standards cover multiple frameworks to enable platform-specific financial DeFi token development services. DeFi uses TRON, Ethereum, and Binance Chain.

1. TRON Token

Tron DeFi token development involves the design and development of a Tron-based Token –like the TRC20, TRC10, or TRC721 – for effective Crypto Asset monitoring and maintenance:

  • TRC-10
  • TRC-20

2. Ethereum Token

Options for token models for Ethereum-based DeFi tokens include:

  • ERC - 223
  • ERC - 1400
  • ERC - 721
  • ERC - 621
  • ERC - 777
  • ERC - 827
  • ERC - 1337
  • ERC - 1155

3. BSC Token Development

Token development for the Binance smart chain is a process that involves the design and development of native tokens that will massively operate over the Binance smart chain as well as the Binance chain. The DeFi tokens that are based on the binance smart chain are utilized extensively in the platforms PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, Beefy, Blink, and Thugs. BEP20 is the base token that is associated with the Binance smart chain. This is important to note.

4. NFT DeFi Token Development

Our DeFi token development company develops fully-functional, non-fungible tokens based on a variety of token standards, including ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-998, and TRC-721. These tokens can be put to use in a variety of industries, including visual arts, music, games, and more.

DeFi Tokens We Develop


Wrapped Bitcoin









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Reasons to Choose DeFi Token Development

Strategic Investment Tokens

These tokens provide a blockchain-based means through which investors can contribute money to your token development in exchange for returns. This will help you finance your decentralized finance development service costs and attract more investors to token.

Automation Mechanism

Because the management of our tokens is already automated, our software can help you automate the process of efficiently purchasing and selling tokens while simultaneously managing many portfolios. Enable your users to stake tokens and pool them on your platform using a DeFi staking platform. When users stake high-value tokens on your platform, you have the option of rewarding them with more tokens.

Compete Globally

Because our DeFi token development services company is geared toward worldwide traders, after the platform is deployed, you will able to give access that all of your users come from across the world.

Smart Contract Development

Utilization of the open-source ERC-20 token standard allows us to build any token you choose for your company while utilizing our smart contract technology. DeFi smart contract development by Evacodes is automated by online contract, enabling quicker processing.

Highly Secure

In addition to the protections of blockchain technology, our DeFi token software comes with a number of extra security measures that encrypt transactions and make them more secure. For example, our DeFi wallet development services provide for the safe storage and management of tokens, as well as protocols for instantaneous token transfers.


Users of your DeFi platform will be able to verify the legality of their transactions and trades thanks to increased transparency on your platform. As a result, you will benefit from more goodwill and a broader DeFi platform.

Our Values

Security Tokens

Security tokens are regulated digital tokens backed by actual assets. They bridge the gap between conventional banking and current technology. Additionally, these tokens allow investors to make partial investments in tangible assets, which makes them a viable funding option in a decentralized setting.

Equity Tokens

An equity token is a type of security token that acts as a share in a firm’s underlying asset or service and derives its value from the success or failure of the company. In other words, an equity token is a security token that operates as a share. The owners of the equity tokens may also have the right to vote on the governance of the company and be entitled to a percentage of the revenues.

Utility Tokens

Our DeFi development services allow the issuance of crypto tokens for the purpose of raising funds. These tokens facilitate fund-raising efforts, allowing you to create and launch your enterprise and attract financial backing. These tokens also serve as an improved investment opportunity, in which the investor selects the most promising enterprise and invests in that enterprise’s tokens in the hopes of achieving greater results.


  • Peer-to-peer asset management
  • Nominal marketplace
  • Cross-platform compliance
  • Customizable UX
  • Reputed market performance
  • Enhanced throughput

Reasons to Choose EvaCodes

1. Flexible Hiring Models

2. Customizable Features

3. High-Quality Solution

4. Satisfied Clients

Our Development Process

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Conduct a feasibility study, and then draw conclusions regarding your project's scope and technological stack. Our developers provide a wide range of services, including DeFi crowdfunding platform development.


Decide on a cooperation model determined by the amount of time and effort anticipated.

4. Assigning Teams & Getting the Game Started

Get to know the capable individuals on our team, and then get your project rolling.

Deployment of the Project

After extensive testing, release your product.

Support & Maintenance

Accept handover of your project, and get started with post-deployment maintenance right away.


Allow us to help you evolve your product to match the changing technological landscape.

EvaCodes Engagement Models

Dedicated Team

In order to provide customers with our high-quality DeFi token development services, such as creating third party exchange platforms, our blockchain developers take a hands-on approach to cognitive technologies.

Team Extension

Our DeFi token development company’s team extension strategy is intended to help clients who need to supplement their existing development staff with the appropriate expertise from our organization.

Project-based model

We offer subject matter experts in project-based methodologies and software engineering for work on individual client projects and client collaboration.

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