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Now more than ever, people all around the world are choosing the Metaverse space as their go-to hub for virtual socializing and entertainment. The Metaverse is a conglomeration of several technologies, including but not limited to augmented and virtual reality, digital currency, online games, and social networking sites.

As a frontrunner in the Metaverse development industry, EvaCodes provides businesses and enterprises of all stripes with Metaverse solutions and services. We provide Metaverse platform design and development that is both scalable and highly adaptable. EvaCodes has the industry's top metaverse developers on our Metaverse Development team.

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Our Metaverse Development Services

If you need an MVP to deliver your project quickly and affordably, you can count on us. If you’re interested in building your own Metaverse NFT Marketplace, Metaverse apps, or Metaverse Gaming Platforms, our experts are well-versed in metaverse development services.

With teams ranging from 20 to 250 developers, EvaCodes has the manpower to take on any size project and see it through to completion. We have a sophisticated developer hiring process that can assemble a team for you consisting of the top 3 percent of developers in just one week. Simply contact us to receive all the information you need.

How Will We Support Your Metaverse Project?

Our code has been checked by over a dozen different auditors, including Certik and Hacken.

You benefit from the EvaCodes Web3 Community. Our extensive crypto and web3 network allows us to facilitate introductions to leading VC firms, marketing firms, and other relevant parties.

Your idea is protected by an NDA.

Technologies We Adopt For Metaverse Development

We use innovative approaches and techniques for Metaverse Development in order to ensure that our products are of the best possible quality. Our extensive list of technological platforms features:

Ethereum blockchain development


BSC blockchain development


Avalanche blockchain development


Tezos blockchain development


Polygon Matic blockchain development

Polygon Matic

Near protocol blockchain development

Near Protocol

XDC Network blockchain development

XDC Network

Hire Metaverse Developers

What exactly is a Metaverse Developer? Metaverse developers are able to build a fully immersive digital world in which users can engage in social, commercial, gaming, and other activities. Developers create interactive metaverse applications and games with the help of VR, AR and AI.

We can help you lead the charge from simple chat programs and social media sites of the past into a richer, more interactive environment for your potential customers.

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Why Should You Build a Metaverse?

The primary benefits of doing business in the metaverse include the elimination of geographical barriers and the consolidation of a company’s workforce, clientele, collaborators, and potential customers into a single online location. The characteristics of the metaverse workplace will develop more slowly than the rest of the virtual world because we care less about where we work than where we live, shop, or play. This frees up time for planning, research, and improvement of virtual workplaces.

Both Meta and Microsoft have put forth solutions with their Horizons and Mesh products. Virbela promotes itself as the first “enterprise metaverse,” or virtual world, catering to corporate and academic needs. All of them seek to emulate conventional workplaces, rather than experiment in a new visual language.

We create the blueprint for your product’s success

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Metaverse Development Services For Major Industries

We provide the services of dedicated Metaverse developers who have extensive experience in the industry, including:

Decentralized metaverse platforms

Decentralized Platforms

Decentralized metaverse platforms can be built for any purpose you can imagine, from gaming and socializing to commerce and beyond.

Metaverse App Development

Metaverse App Development

If you use our team of app developers to construct a Metaverse app that incorporates blockchain advantages like automation, security, and transparency, your end users will have a fantastic experience on your Metaverse.

Gaming Metaverse

Gaming Metaverse

Our Metaverse game designers will bring the future of the gaming industry to the world through the lens of the Metaverse by creating immersive gameplay that makes use of 3D virtual settings, play-to-earn features, NFT, live streaming, and other cutting-edge metaverse technology.

Metaverse Marketplaces

Metaverse Marketplaces

Our Metaverse NFT marketplace developers provide full technical metaverse application development procedures, from initial process conceptualization to analysis, for the creation of marketplaces.

metaverse token development


Our DeFi solutions are reliable, flexible, and built for the most demanding business environments. We offer comprehensive metaverse development services for a wide variety of in-demand DeFi products, including dApps, wallets, DEXs, and metaverse token development.

Play2Earn : Gamifi

Play2Earn / Gamifi

If you're looking to monetize your app, our team can help you create interesting and engaging play2earn games. We have a team of skilled programmers and designers who can build a game from scratch which will meet all of your specifications.

custodial and non-custodial crypto wallets

Wallet Creation

Our team has the expertise to develop both custodial and non-custodial crypto wallets that can accommodate large numbers of users. With their extensive experience, our developers are experts in the blockchain

Our Metaverse Development Process

Requirement Gathering

When starting a new metaverse project, our first step is always to collect all of the necessary data, supplies, customer needs, and approvals.

UI/UX Design

For the best possible user experience, we use cutting-edge design technologies to produce eye-catching, appealing layouts.


After the design phase is complete, a prototype is made and sent on to the next stage of production and integration services.


We start the process of developing a mobile app, website, or blockchain in an open and honest manner.

Quality Assurance

EvaCodes’ Metaverse development company makes quality a top priority and delivers a flawless software product free of any and all bugs.


After your app has undergone testing and has been through all necessary procedures, it is now ready for release on the App Store or Play Store.

Support & Maintenance

After deployment, our organization provides full support, and our team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Why is EvaCodes The Right Choice For Your Metaverse Development?

We're an established software and mobile app metaverse development company offering comprehensive services to our clients. We stand head and shoulders above the competition thanks to our thorough conceptualization procedures and feasibility assessment of the entire metaverse software development process. The main advantages we offer are:

Flexible Engagement Models

Completely individualized and client-focused engagement models that make it easy to hire developers on an as-needed basis.

100% Transparency

In all of our transactions with both consumers and other businesses, we are completely committed to maintaining the highest level of openness and transparency at all times.

Expert Programmers and Developers

We have a team of skilled developers who can cater to your company's specific requirements with ease thanks to their extensive background working in a wide range of fields.

Quick delivery

We will always meet or beat your delivery dates to demonstrate how much we value your time, all while adhering rigidly to the highest quality standards.

Top-notch Technical Support

Put your technological worries to rest with the help of our qualified support personnel. Turn to our support team to get all the answers to your questions and concerns.

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Our engagement models

We have three distinct employment methods to meet our clients’ varying requirements and financial constraints. Our hiring approaches are as follows:

Time & Material

Inquire about hourly rates if your business needs ongoing services for which metaverse projects are still vaguely defined. This is an hourly arrangement with payments made as you accrue hours of work.

-Transparent expenses.
- Work schedule adjustments based on needs
- Monthly billing cycle
- Only pay for actual results.

Fixed Cost

If your firm is working on a metaverse project that needs undivided attention, you should talk to us about hiring a specialized team. This is a month-by-month arrangement, and there are no charges incurred up in advance.

- Excellent adaptability
- Rapidly adapting team
- Modest Initiatives
- Total financial command

Dedicated Development Team

Inquire about a specialized team if your company is working on a project that requires a team that makes it their sole effort. This is a month-to-month agreement with no upfront costs.

- Expenses are transparent.
- Monthly billing cycle
- Obtain compensation only for actual, verifiable effort.

EvaCodes is the best metaverse development company to turn to if you are looking for expert services. Our highly trained and experienced development team is able to offer you a comprehensive and state-of-the-art metaverse solution.

Get in touch with the skilled professionals at EvaCodes right away to receive a free consultation about your concept for the metaverse.

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All-in-One Multi-Chain DEX


Defi Yop – Yield Optimization Platform


Wealth Protocol – Crypto-Wealth Management application


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