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NFT Marketplace Development Company

Trust us to build your powerful NFT marketplace to let your users trade digital assets in a decentralized way. At EvaCodes, we provide high-grade NFT marketplace development solutions to earn you powerful growth.

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Leverage Our Robust NFT Marketplace Development

The world is becoming ever more digitized by the day, providing exciting opportunities for startups and established businesses to earn serious revenue. The NFT world is worth billions of dollars, with an even brighter future awaiting it.
Our NFT marketplace development specialists can build a high-performing NFT trading platform that will help you cash in on transaction and listing fees.

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Our NFT Marketplace Development Services

NFT Marketplace Design & Development

NFT Marketplace Design & Development

Our unparalleled expertise in NFT standards, smart contracts, and IPFS protocols allows us to design and develop top-performing NFT platforms.

NFT Smart Contracts Development

NFT Smart Contracts Development

Developers at our NFT marketplace development company can build NFT smart contracts to ensure seamless automation for NFT transactions.

NFT Marketplace Maintenance & Support

NFT Marketplace Maintenance & Support

Our NFT marketplace development services include ongoing maintenance and support to make sure your decentralized platform works as intended.

NFT Token Development

NFT Token Development

We’ll help you create NFT tokens you can use on your marketplace to generate extra income.

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Our NFT Marketplace Development Tech Stack

Ethereum blockchain development


BSC blockchain development


Avalanche blockchain development


Tezos blockchain development


Polygon Matic blockchain development

Polygon Matic

Near protocol blockchain development

Near Protocol

XDC Network blockchain development

XDC Network

Our NFT Marketplace Development Process

Analysis & Planning

Our NFT development team starts each project by analyzing the target audience’s needs and researching our client’s competition to help you identify the niche that can ensure consistent revenue streams — artwork, digital collectibles, video gaming assets, music, or real estate. At the initial stage, we also discuss and plan future NFT marketplace development solutions with our clients.

Architecture & Design

Based on project requirements, our NFT developers build and test a prototype for your solution. We select an optimal blockchain framework and implement a blockchain network for your future NFT marketplace.

Development & Testing

Then, our experts get down to the actual business of NFT marketplace app development. We write the code for smart contracts that will be used for minting NFTs and triggering transactions. Our NFT smart contract development experts thoroughly test the code to make sure it is vulnerability-free.


Our NFT marketplace software development team integrates cryptocurrency payment gateways to let your users trade NFT tokens and pay for marketplace services.

Release and Support

Finally, your bespoke NFT marketplace goes live. However, your partnership with our NFT smart contract development company doesn’t end here — we provide maintenance and support services to ensure that your marketplace is always up and running.

Why Choose EvaCodes for NFT Marketplace Development

Unrivaled Blockchain Expertise

Our development company is focused exclusively on Web3 and blockchain solutions, which allows us to amass valuable experience and deliver the top-level NFT marketplace development services that make EvaCodes an industry leader.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

At EvaCodes, we follow the best NFT marketplace development practices and use next-generation technologies to develop solutions faster. Our NFT developers will provide you with your MVP solution within two months.

Client-Focused Approach

As a trusted NFT development company, we go all out to live up to our reputation to fulfill our clients’ expectations. By hiring EvaCodes, you’ll get a professional team committed to reaching your business goals.

Safe & Secure Partnership

We provide our clients with extra peace of mind by signing an NDA to protect their ideas. In addition, our code is audited by Certik, Hacken, and other trusted smart contract audit companies.

Vibrant Crypto Market Community

Our NFT development company is part of a vibrant community of blockchain developers and NFT enthusiasts. We boast an extensive network that allows us to connect our clients with top-notch crypto marketing agencies and other professionals that will help you thrive in crypto’s decentralized ecosystem.

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Our Engagement Models

As a client-oriented NFT marketplace development company, we focus on meeting our clients’ needs and offer several engagement models.

Dedicated Team

We can assign a dedicated team of NFT marketplace developers to work exclusively on your project on a long-term basis. Each NFT developer on your dedicated team will be selected according to your project needs. You can either decide to manage your NFT development team from your side, or entrust it to our in-house project manager.

Time & Material

With the T&M model, you pay our NFT marketplace development company for actual work done on a range-based hourly rate. This model is best for projects with vague requirements and undefined scope. To ensure transparency and keep you in the loop about your project’s progress, we’ll provide you with access to our project management and time-tracking tools.

Augmented Team

The augmented team model has specialists from our NFT development company work along with your in-house team. This is your way to go if you need to fill a skill gap within your internal team.

Fixed Price

We also offer top-level NFT marketplace development services at a fixed price, so if you prefer things to be as simple as possible, this could be your ideal option. The price is established after analyzing requirements, making this engagement model suitable only for well-defined projects.

NFT Marketplace Development FAQ

What is an NFT marketplace?

NFT marketplaces are blockchain platforms where users can buy, sell, and store NFTs.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are blockchain-held tokens that represent unique physical or digital assets, such as in-game avatars, tickets, domain names, etc.

What does NFT marketplace development cost?

The cost to develop an NFT marketplace can vary dramatically, since it depends on a range of factors, from tools and technologies used to the overall complexity of the marketplace.

How can I choose the best NFT marketplace development company?

Fundamentally, NFT marketplaces are blockchain platforms, so it would be wise to look at companies with expertise in blockchain technologies. Browse independent reviews and shortlist your potential NFT marketplace development partners. Explore their previous case studies and choose a development company that has already successfully completed projects similar to yours.

How do you make money from owning an NFT marketplace?

The primary way NFT marketplaces make money is through the use of royalties, as well as service and commission fees.

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