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NFT Token Development Company Is Creating the Future of Digital Trading

EvaCodes is a non-fungible token (NFT) developer with years of experience in the industry. We have all the necessary skills to produce a bespoke NFT token that may be utilized in a variety of industries. This can help you establish a new type of profit model while obtaining a wealth of client knowledge.

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We Deliver a Wide Range of NFT Development Services

Non-fungible token

We develop fully functional NFTs based on a variety of token standards, such as ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-998, and TRC-721, for use in a variety of industries, including the arts, music, and games.

NFT marketplace

Create your own NFT marketplace using our NFT specialists as your guides. We offer the most effective options for cloning scripts to get your marketplace up and running on any blockchain network.

Metaverse NFT

You can grow your company and develop a unique presence in the virtual world with the help of our skilled developers who can construct a comprehensive metaverse NFT marketplace for you.

NFT gaming platform

Our skilled developers can craft an NFT gaming platform for you that allows players to tokenize gaming assets such as avatars, skinned weaponry, passes, and more.

NFT minting platform

We provide efficient services for minting platforms, where you can mint your own feature-rich non-fungible tokens with a variety of capabilities that can be customized to suit your needs.

NFT storage

We offer a cutting-edge NFT storage service, which can be used to upload and manage NFTs in IPFS. Our storage system offers the most secure method for storing non-functional type data such as music, art, and similar files. It is also very easy to use.

NFT lending platform

We make it easy for you to build your own personalized NFT lending platform by utilizing our experience, which makes it possible for owners of NFTs to quickly convert their NFT holdings into liquid assets.

NFT smart contract

We create and deploy trustworthy non-fungible token (NFT) smart contracts on a variety of blockchain technologies that have top-tier protection features. Audits of smart contracts can also be carried out smoothly.

We create the blueprint for your product’s success

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Go Beyond Digital Artworks and Collectibles: NFT Use Cases

Investing in a reputable NFT token development company and incorporating them into your specialized NFT marketplace platform will provide a growth boost for the future.

NFT for licenses

The security of NFT license agreements is quite high. They are kept in smart contracts enabled by blockchain technology, assisting users in carrying out resales and managing monetary transfers.

NFT for antique

On NFT markets like Opensea, BakerySwap, and Treasureland, the purchase of NFTs accounts for a sizable fraction of total transactions.

NFT for art

The most common use of an NFT is in the creation of programmable art, which combines elements of creativity, technology, and adaptability.

NFT for fashion

Fashion consumers gain from NFT since it enables them to digitally authenticate the ownership information of their purchases, which in turn helps to cut down on counterfeiting fraud.

NFT for music

Musicians can donate their work's copyrights to nonprofit organizations, at which point they will be eligible to receive royalties whenever their music is played, increasing the amount of money they receive for their efforts.

NFT for real estate

As an NFT development company, we make it simple to earn large profits through the use of NFTs, as well as providing the power to demonstrate ownership.

NFT for domains

An NFT might help diversify your portfolio when you are looking to invest in a domain. It maintains its safety and looks for royalties.

NFT for photography

NFTs are the most effective way to represent your images and give them a more genuine appearance. Proof of ownership in the form of photographs can be sent to the owner thanks to blockchain technology.

NFT for identity

The owners of digital assets can build a permanent, one-of-a-kind identity with the help of NFT development solutions They can then track that identity whenever it is shared or distributed with any other users.

NFT for infrastructure

By using the services of a non-fungible token company, you will be able to establish a platform that allows users to tokenize particular infrastructure.

NFT for ebook

The publishing sector stands to gain a great deal, both in terms of potential and relevance, from the use of NFTs for electronic books. Through the sale of their ebooks, authors can more easily track purchases and thus will be eligible to get a royalty payment.

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Indispensable Features of NFTs



The fact that NFTs adhere to the standard ERC-721 and are interoperable does not allow for the information that is stored in them to be traded or utilized.



Blockchain technology is used to store and administer NFTs, providing a higher level of security and ensuring that they can never be lost or destroyed.



The NFT protocol was developed on a decentralized ecosystem, and all the information regarding the transactions was validated publicly.



NFTs guarantee that assets are resistant to having their properties changed, removed, or replaced. This improves both the dependability of the transaction and its worth.

Relationship Between Blockchain and NFT

Do not get NFT and crypto confused with one another. Blockchain is the one thing they have in common.

Because NFTs tokens are safely held in the blockchain, under no circumstances can they be lost, corrupted, or reproduced. This is because NFT tokens cannot be withdrawn from the blockchain.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to simply trace NFTs back to the person who owns them, which eliminates the need for any third-party verification.

Because it is encrypted from beginning to end, an NFT cannot be modified in any way. The blockchain is useful for preventing fraudulent and illegal conduct.

The blockchain functions as a decentralized ledger that records the ownership history and transactional background of every NFT.

The transactions related to NFTs are recorded via blockchain technology, which demonstrates ownership and storage through marketplaces.

The Buildup of NFT Marketplaces

The significance of NFTs in art and games drives innovation across multiple service categories through the combination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Many people have found that the NFT marketplace platform is the best option for showcasing their intellectual works and creative artifacts. The primary kinds of NFT marketplace platforms consist of universal NFT websites as well as specialized peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces.

NFT Token Standards







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We Provide Full-Cycle NFT Development Solutions

Definite dashboard

We bring benefits to the table by utilizing particular benchmark criteria, one of which is a clearly defined dashboard that details every transaction.


Our non-fungible token development is clearly defined by its capacity to carry out activities such as mining for liquidity, generating passive income, and maximizing leveraged yields.

Trade-off and listing

Our NFT development makes it easier for users to promote their NFTs for trade-off and listing purposes. Additionally, it is responsible for a sizable portion of the prizes.

NFT Token Development on Leading Blockchain Networks

We offer non-fungible token development services that may be deployed on any blockchain of your choosing.

Ethereum blockchain development


Cardano blockchain development


Avalanche blockchain development


Near protocol blockchain development


Polygon Matic blockchain development


Benefits of NFT tokens


The key advantage of using NFTs is that they may be used to demonstrate ownership. NFTs can assist in the process of tying ownership to a single account. They cannot be distributed to multiple owners because they are not shareable in any way.


Because of their immutable nature, blockchain-based NFTs are immune to modifications, deletions, and replacements of any kind. As a result, NFTs will likely have an easier time emphasizing their authenticity as the most appealing quality.


The underlying structure of NFTs is the smart contract, which simplifies the process of exchanging ownership. Before the transfer of ownership takes place, the terms of the smart contract between the buyer and seller stipulate certain conditions that must be met.

Advantages of a Company Specializing in NFT Development

You will be able to assure complete ownership of assets when you use the end-to-end NFT token development services offered by EvaCodes. You will receive a flexible marketplace built by our knowledgeable developers. In this marketplace, assets will be tokenized, increasing their value enormously.

Our NFT Development Tech Stack

So why should you hire EvaCodes to create a non-fungible token?

Easily Accessible

Core team of blockchain experts

We have a staff of blockchain professionals who are both talented and experienced, with a comprehensive understanding of how to make NFT tokens, following a variety of blockchain protocols and NFT standards.

Environmentally Friendly

Expertise in blockchain platforms

Our NFT development team has experience working on various blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, EOS, Stellar, Tezos, and others.

Simple to arrange

Project confidentiality

By signing an NDA with you, we promise that we will never release any information that is linked to your project.

Risk management

Quick and agile development process

Our team uses an agile development methodology to create an NFT token that is delivered on time and that is tested continuously.

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Why Choose a Dedicated NFT Token Development Company?

Why should you create NFT tokens with EvaCodes?

Technical prowess

We focus solely on blockchain technology in all of our efforts. We specialize in one field—and we are really good at it.

Expert team

We have over 30 NFT software development professionals available to develop NFT tokens, assist you in refining your product, determine the most appropriate technological strategy, and even aid in the establishment of communities and campaigns.

Rapid development

We create non-fungible tokens that are tailored to the demographic of your ideal customers. The development and deployment processes will go more quickly and smoothly if you have a cohesive roadmap.

Complete support

The release of the product does not mark the end of our work. To allow you to concentrate on expanding your business, we provide comprehensive post-delivery services.

Meaningful outcomes

We are a non-fungible token development company that specializes in the development of NFTs, and we have a real-world impact. We make sure you see value in your investments.

Our NFT Development Process

Initial meet

Our professionals are aware of the requirements for developing NFTs, as well as the objectives for the future, and they participate in brainstorming sessions to come up with the most effective solution for you.


As soon as we have a good understanding of your needs, our NFT developers and subject matter experts will formulate plans to guarantee that you will receive the most effective solution in the shortest amount of time.


EvaCodes has over 30 subject matter experts available to provide you with the highest quality services for the production of non-fungible tokens.

Quality assurance

EvaCodes is one of the leading NFT development companies. We place a premium on quality to provide customers with NFT software development services of the highest caliber. Our quality assurance and testing teams put in long hours every day to find and fix any flaws that may have been introduced during the development of the NFT software.

Launch and maintenance

Our NFT developers will introduce your goods or software into the market after receiving authorization to do so from you. You won't have to worry about anything thanks to EvaCodes because they will also take care of the maintenance.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed cost

If your company is working on a project that demands full attention, you should consider hiring the experienced developers that our company provides. As this is a month-to-month arrangement, there is no requirement for an upfront commitment.

Time and material

If your company wants ongoing assistance to create an NFT token that is not yet well-defined, please inquire about our hourly pricing. You will be charged for the project's work hours as they are accumulated using this approach.

Dedicated team

Talk to us about employing our developers if your company is searching for a group that can see your project through from the beginning to the end and beyond. This agreement is on a month-to-month basis and does not require any payment in advance.

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