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Polkadot Blockchain Development Company

After conquering several industries, blockchain services have lagged in their compatibility with other blockchain networks. To unlock this connectivity, blockchain enthusiasts conducted an extensive study and came up with the Polkadot ecosystem.

With our vast knowledge of Polkadot blockchain development, we provide cutting-edge Polkadot blockchain development services and solutions with cross-chain functionality.

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Services We Provide

Parachain Development

Parachain Development

We specialize in building unique parachains that offer shared security and on-chain governance. From slot leasing to construction and deployment, we offer end-to-end parachain modeling.

Polkadot Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

Polkadot's relay chain does not process smart contracts, but any parachain-connected Polkadot-based project may. Engineers at EvaCodes offer Polkadot smart contract development for the Polkadot network based on your exact project requirements.

Substrate-based dApp development

Substrate-based dApp development

From DeFi apps, digital wallets, IoT applications, and gaming apps to Web3 Infrastructure, we develop and implement a variety of interoperable dApps as multi-chain Substrate-based parachains.

Polkadot NFT Marketplaces

NFT Marketplaces

NFTs are gaining traction as valuable crypto assets. You can enter the NFT industry with a distinctive, functional NFT marketplace and establish a devoted user base with the help of the superior services and expert advice of EvaCodes Polkadot blockchain development company.

Polkadot Decentralized exchange (DEX)

Decentralized exchange (DEX)

Using the Polkadot ecosystem, we construct interoperable DEX platforms with a multi-chain Substrate structure, thereby enabling the seamless trading of tokens and cryptocurrencies across numerous parachains.

Polkadot Lending & Borrowing Platforms

Lending & Borrowing Platforms

The Polkadot network facilitates the development of robust, inexpensive, and adaptable blockchain solutions for lending and borrowing. It is ideal for users looking to earn passive income from their crypto holdings, as well as those who need loans for transactions.

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Benefits of Polkadot

Polkadot is designed to fill the existing voids in the blockchain sector. Currently, each blockchain focuses on specific features and use cases.

1. Scalability

Polkadot delivers unequaled blockchain scalability because of its distinctive shared architecture. Its main relay chain can connect a vast number of parachains and conduct several simultaneous transactions, thus exponentially boosting its throughput. Separate from the mainnet, Polkadot-based applications are developed and then connected through a slot. This kind of blockchain operation provides scalability without throughput restrictions or chain overload.

2. Transparency

Similar to other blockchains, Polkadot is an open-source, distributed ledger that provides unprecedented transactional transparency for all users. The information regarding assets held by other users makes Polkadot accessible to the general public, albeit without individually identifying information. As a result of the immutability and transparency of blockchain operations, users can avoid having to worry about fraud, scams, or theft within the system.

3. Parallel Processing

Typically, blockchains have a single logic and interface, and all transactions and processes within the system occur sequentially. As a result, the processing pace may be too slow, with gas fees and blockchain overload being unintended consequences. Polkadot has resolved this problem by providing concurrent transaction processing via its parachains. Each parachain's logic, interface, and STF are distinct.

4. Trustworthy

The fact that Polkadot was created by one of Ethereum's founders speaks to its credibility and dependability. The Polkadot team consists of competent developers, architects, and project managers with a distinct vision for the project's future evolution.

5. Heterogeneous Sharding

Polkadot's design is based on the sharding principle, which enables cross-communication between the ecosystem's interconnected yet autonomous shards. This structure ensures more effective resource distribution and shard operation, as well as the smooth completion of cross-shard operations and transactions by the shards.

6. Community Driven

There is a large, active community of Polkadot fans that passionately believe in the system's potential and advantages. Thus, developers working on Polkadot-powered apps and platforms can count on receiving support and assistance from their peers.

Polkadot Architecture

The Polkadot ecosystem is a network of interconnected parachains and parathreads enabling multi chain connectivity. Using interoperable bridges, these parachains can link to external networks. In abstract terms, Polkadot provides a number of interconnected canonical state machines. Connected indicates that the state transition of one machine can influence the state transition of another. Polkadot's state machine is authoritative because its transitions are globally consistent.

Polkadot blockchain development

Relay Chain

In charge of its shared security, cross-chain interoperability, and consensus.

Polkadot blockchain development


Connect heterogeneous blockchains with Polkadot.

Polkadot blockchain development


Similar to parachains, but operate on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Polkadot blockchain development


Link parachains to other networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Polkadot Technology Stack

Polkadot Runtime

Using Rust, C++, and Golang to create the Polkadot runtime environment makes Polkadot development more flexible for programmers.


WebAssembly is a binary format for stack-based virtual machine instructions. Wasm is intended as a portable compilation target for programming languages, allowing client and server programs to be deployed on the web.


Substrate enables the creation of customized blockchains for every use case and was utilized by Parity Technologies to construct Polkadot, attesting to its high levels of performance, flexibility, and scalability.


Libp2p is a collection of protocols, specifications, and libraries that facilitate the creation of peer-to-peer network applications. Libp2p was originally developed as part of the IPFS project and remains an integral component of it.

Why Should Your Blockchain Project Use the Polkadot Protocol?

Easy Blockchain Innovation

Using the Substrate blockchain building framework, you can generate a custom blockchain in minutes. In addition, you can connect your chain to Polkadot instantly for interoperability, security, and ease.

Transactional Scalability Polkadot

Polkadot offers a shared set of validators to secure multiple blockchains, enabling economic scalability on an unprecedented scale. Polkadot enables the scalability of transactions by distributing them across many parallel blockchains.

Secure and resilient network

With parachain logic operating as a Layer-1 blockchain and the Polkadot ecosystem, IT contributors have a reliably secure and adaptable infrastructure for constructing, connecting, and regulating their businesses without disappearing into a sea of red tape.

High Energy Efficiency Polkadot

Polkadot consumes a fraction of the energy of ordinary blockchains due to its next-generation nominated proof-of-stake protocol. The most recent research indicates that it has the smallest carbon footprint of all proof-of-stake methods studied.

True Interoperability Polkadot

Polkadot enables the cross-blockchain transfer of any data or asset and facilitates interoperability by allowing you to connect to multiple blockchains within its network.

Secure cross-chain communication using XCM

Polkadot is the industry leader in XCM, which enables multiple blockchain architectures to securely exchange arbitrary code, data, and value. This facilitates the creation of cross-chain services and applications that harness the attributes and benefits of several chains.

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Data exchange problems a Polkadot development company can help with

Transfer of Digital Assets

Polkadot simplifies bitcoin exchange by eliminating interoperability issues and bottlenecks between chains. Its users can conduct transactions with other users, exchanges, and external blockchains participants with ease.

Data Privacy

As with every other blockchain, Polkadot employs stringent encryption and offers complete privacy and security to its users. There is no disclosure of user data on the public network.

Scalability and Performance

Polkadot's unique infrastructure enables it to conduct many transactions simultaneously. This is accomplished by incorporating many parachains into the core network’s operation.

Functional Division of Ledgers Polkadot

Polkadot is a layer-0 network that permits frictionless communication with layer-1 blockchains (e.g., Ethereum). Instead of relying on layer-2 design, the blockchain takes a different approach and achieves remarkable scalability at layer 1.

Why Choose EvaCodes for Polkadot Development Services

By choosing the blockchain professionals at EvaCodes, you receive outstanding benefits and certified end-to-end assistance, beginning with advising and extending to the design and development of Polkadot projects with any functionality.

Impressive Work Portfolio

Our offerings include building supply chains and monetary systems on the blockchain and designing ready-to-deploy NFT solutions.

One-Stop Blockchain Services

We offer comprehensive blockchain development services, ranging from simple wallet Polkadot development solutions to complex DeFi platforms and NFT marketplaces.

Wide Experience with Projects

We have drawn up, developed, and deployed over 50 digital solutions and over thirty robust blockchain projects.

SDKs and Framework Expertise

Our developers are proficient in Polkadot-specific PDKs, frameworks, programming models, and languages such as Parity's ink.

Ecosystem Development

Our developers are well-versed in the Polkadot ecosystem and Substrate platform, and have the expertise as community developers providing tools and utilities for multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Long-Term Collaborations

Through our partner program, we're able to help businesses grow their customer base, service area, and technological prowess.

How We Work

If you are planning a Polkadot-based project, you should always visit EvaCodes. We have a huge in-house team of blockchain architects and Polkadot developers who can build such a project from scratch or implement a white-label solution to save time on development expenses. We provide clients with consulting, design and development, and post-launch maintenance support to ensure your full satisfaction with our the quality and scope of our services.

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Development Team

Hire EvaCodes’ team of Polkadot developers to avoid having to invest time, money, and effort in compiling an in-house team of blockchain engineers for a single project. We have ready teams with the essential tech stack and skills for your Polkadot project construction.

Team Extension

You can hire EvaCodes experts on a project-by-project basis to supplement your in-house team if you already have several specialists but are missing one or two people with expertise in a particular technology stack. They'll work with you to ensure the highest quality Polkadot development.

Project-based Model

If you need help but don't have the staff, EvaCodes Web3 developers can work with you on a project basis or provide continuous support. You can depend on us to assist you with activities and projects of any size and complexity.

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