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Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are among the most reliable and effective methods now available for drafting legally binding contracts between parties. Here are some of the ways that research into smart contracts can help your company.

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Benefits of Smart Contracts for Your Business

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Put simply, smart contracts can carry out their own terms. As soon as the agreed-upon conditions are met, the contract is immediately implemented.


Every one of a smart contract's terms and conditions must be precisely described to prevent erroneous financial transactions. As a result, smart contracts can be relied upon for precision.


The contract's terms and conditions are publicly available on the blockchain, meaning they cannot be disputed.


Smart contracts are irreversible due to their high level of cryptographic security. Moreover, there is no risk of data loss, due to the decentralized structure of these contracts.

Our Smart Contract Development Services

Our extensive knowledge of smart contract programming enables us to provide businesses with smart contract development services that automate processes, improve efficiency, and lower costs.

Smart Contract Architecture

Smart Contract Architecture

Our experienced team follows the best smart contract architecture procedures to ensure there are no defects or programming difficulties.

Smart Contract Design and Development

Smart Contract Design and Development

We design and build customized, self-executing business contracts that meet the specific needs of various industries.

Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit

We inspect the code we create before distributing it as a smart contract creation company, removing defects and security risks to ensure complete reliability. Our comprehensive smart contract audit helps everyone from startups to enterprises launch.

Smart Contract Optimization

Smart Contract Optimization

Our team gives the customer a prototype of a smart contract optimization approach, then implements it in order to lower average gas fees.

We create the blueprint for your product’s success

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Our Blockchain Smart Contract-Focused Industries


Smart Contracts empower users’ data ownership by providing controlled data disclosure to all network participants.


Smart contracts enable any member of the blockchain platform to track the social impact of their contributions at every stage of the process.


In the media industry, blockchain smart contracts ensure clear content ownership, fair evaluation, and the elimination of intermediaries.

Supply chain

The supply chain offers an updated and validated shared ledger with each network participant.


Integrating blockchain technologies into the present P2P lending system will shorten approval times, eliminate the need for intermediaries, and increase transparency.

Identity Management

By granting control over identity and personal information, blockchain identity management enables people to create a self-sovereign online identity.

Blockchain Platforms We Work On

Ethereum blockchain development


We create smart contracts to facilitate the construction of new-age dApps by leveraging the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain, such as high scalability and EVM compatibility.

Tron blockchain development


Our smart contract on TRON, a Turing-complete machine, facilitates the development of efficient, stable, secure, and scalable decentralized systems.

BSC blockchain development


To facilitate a decentralized exchange (DEX) for digital assets, Binance developed a decentralized network known as Binance Chain (BC). The foundations of this system are Tendermint's Proof-of-Stake and BFT consensus.

Polkadot blockchain development


We design strong pallets with no downtime while making them easily upgradable based on changing requirements by leveraging the underlying features of Polkadot's Relay chain.

Solana blockchain development


The Solana blockchain is an open-source and distributed public network.

Tezos blockchain development


We develop durable and secure smart contracts for Tezos in its unique language, Michelson, using our methodology to learn and acquire competence in diverse smart contract programming languages.

XDC Network blockchain development

XDC Network

We use the open-source XDC ecosystem for delegated proof of stake consensus to create highly efficient and interoperable smart contracts that enable multi-chain accessibility.

hyperledger blockchain development


We generate smart contracts called Chaincode in Hyperledger to facilitate enterprise-grade dApp development using smart contract programming languages like Go and JavaScript (node.js).

Avalanche blockchain development


Avalanche is a smart contract platform that is durable, configurable, and fast, while also supporting custom virtual machines like WASM and EVM. It has the most sub-net transactions and employs the Golang programming language.

Cardano blockchain development


Cardano is a third-generation blockchain that addresses problems with previous generations like scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.

Near protocol blockchain development

Near Protocol

Our smart contract developers are experienced in developing Near smart contracts that take advantage of the platform's unique sharding technology to provide rapid and safe transactions at a low cost.

Polygon Matic blockchain development

Polygon Matic

Polygon (MATIC) is an Ethereum token that contributes to the growth of the Polygon Network. Polygon is a Layer-2 blockchain solution designed to help scale and improve the operation of the Ethereum network.

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Why is EvaCodes The Right Choice For Your Smart Contract Development?

Technical Prowess

We put all of our efforts solely into Blockchain technology. We specialize in one field, and we are superbly skilled at it.

Expert Team

We have experts who can help you improve your product and recommend the best way to use it.

Rapid Development

We craft products that are tailored to the people you want to reach. A clear roadmap makes sure that development and deployment go quickly and smoothly.

Complete Support

Your product launch doesn’t mark the end of our work. We offer a wide range of services after delivery so that you can focus on growing your business.

Meaningful Outcomes

EvaCodes smart contract development company makes a real difference. We make sure that the money you spend pays off.

Our Smart Contract Development Process

Smart contracts go through a life cycle during their growth. This guarantees that the technology has been properly developed and is safe for use in business. Here is how a smart contract is created:

Specify the Business Logic and Needs

Each party contacts a smart contract developer to establish the smart contract's unique business conditions.

Design the smart contract’s architecture

When the business logic is finalized, the developers can begin designing the contract's architecture to accurately reflect that logic.

Develop the smart contract

During this phase, the smart contract's code is developed for your preferred blockchain environment (like Ethereum, EOS, etc.).

Internal audit

We conduct an internal audit using a local blockchain, followed by a testnet. The audit determines whether the contract works as intended and meets all security standards.

Deployment on the blockchain

The contract is deployed on the marketplace where it will be used.

Our Engagement Models

We have three employment methods to meet our clients’ varying requirements and financial constraints. Our hiring approaches are as follows:

Fixed Cost

If your firm is working on a web3 project that needs undivided attention, talk to us about hiring a specialized team from a smart contract development company. This is a month-to-month arrangement with no charges incurred up in advance.

Time & Material

Inquire about hourly rates if your business needs ongoing smart contract development services for a web3 project which is still vaguely defined. This is an hourly arrangement with payments made as you accrue hours of work.

Dedicated Team

Inquire about smart contract developers if your company is working on a project that requires a team that makes it their sole effort. This is a month-to-month agreement with no upfront costs.

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