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Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals and legal entities seek to invest in digital currency. One of the most profitable domains in the crypto world is Ethereum projects. In many ways, Ethereum's success is due to the use of smart contracts, which was made possible by the advanced Solidity technology.

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We Are An Expert Solidity Development Company

We build decentralized applications and smart contracts for a variety of uses, including DeFi, DAOs, digital identity, gaming, tokenization, and other Solidity development services. We have successfully deployed more than 80 smart contracts and worked on more than 30 blockchain technology projects.

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Our Solidity Development Services

Solidity Smart Contracts Development

Smart Contract Development

To program smart contracts, we use the contract-oriented, high-level Solidity language. Solidity-based blockchain development is ideal for transactional apps. Dedicated Solidity developers can use this language to create applications that implement self-amplifying business logic embodied in smart contracts, allowing for the execution of reliable transactions without the involvement of third parties.

Solidity dApp Development

dApp Development

Our Solidity development service uses Solidity to build decentralized applications for multiple platforms, including Ethereum and NEO,. You can hire experienced Solidity developers to handle everything from node deployment to user application creation. Solidity-based smart contract development outsourcing enables us to create DApps that are useful in a variety of fields, such as banking, voting, investment, and multi-signature wallets.

Solidity Stablecoin Development

Stablecoin Development

By launching Stablecoins, we assist you in developing Solidity smart contracts to protect against crypto-volatility. To take advantage of DeFi opportunities, tether cryptos to assets such as fiat currency, gold, or other assets. We have familiarity with custodian integrations as well as on-ramp and off-ramp architecture.

Solidity DAO Development

DAO Development

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, is a community-led entity that is transparent and autonomous, with no central authority. This means that a DAO is governed equally by all project members, and all essential decisions are made collaboratively by them. A DAO can be formed by a collection of crypto wallets controlled by either corporations or individuals. All actions are carried out through code, allowing asset and vote administration without the need for traditional banking and legal procedures.

Solidity Digital Token Creation

Digital Token Creation

We assist you in minting, upgrading, and transferring digital tokens based on smart contract standards such as ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155.

Solidity DEX Development

Exchange Platform

As a leading Solidity development agency, we assist in the safe and rapid development of business exchange platforms by writing and deploying authenticated code.

Solidity Technology Tools

Solidity REPL

We develop our code in Solidity REPL, which is a reliable, multi-purpose computing environment.


We construct a DOT graph using Solgraph, which not only helps visualize the function control implementing smart contracts, but also highlights potential security issues.


We do static analysis on the bytecode using Evmdis, which provides a higher level of abstraction than the raw EVM operations.


Doxity is used to generate documentation for Solidity.

Our Solidity Smart Contract Development Process

Requirement Gathering

We gain a comprehensive understanding of your company as well as its goals, challenges, and top priorities. These several brainstorming sessions help us map out the procedures currently in place as well as your long-term aspirations.

Technical Design

After we have gathered all of your requirements during a whiteboarding session, we move to the next stage and begin designing, prototyping, and user testing your platform or product.


During this stage, a dedicated Solidity developer who you have specifically approved will run the programming and coding for your project. Our development lifecycle consists of an alpha phase, a beta phase, and a release phase.


To deploy your smart contract. you need to send an Ethereum transaction containing the compiled code of the smart contract without specifying any recipient. At this point, your product or platform is made available to the public by our experienced Solidity developers. With your permission, our devs publish your product in real environments. We offer cloud and on-premise hosting.


In order to ensure continuing improvement, we carry out ongoing maintenance and optimization of our products and platforms, implement market strategies, and offer real-time and corrective support.

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Why is EvaCodes the Right Solidity Development Company for Your Needs?

EvaCodes takes pride in being the best solidity services which can cater to all the specialized needs of our clients across a wide range of sectors. We have a team of seasoned specialists who work tirelessly to provide the best solutions for Solidity blockchain development based on the specific requirements of each project.

  • Core Solidity development team
  • Guaranteed results
  • Uncompromising service quality
  • High level of proficiency
  • In-depth subject knowledge
  • Competitive pricing

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Team for Product Development

Our blockchain developers use their hands-on experience with cognitive technologies in order to provide our customers with solutions and Solidity development services of the highest possible quality.

Team Expansion

This strategy is designed to assist clients who want to augment their existing teams with members who have the specific knowledge needed for their projects.

Project-based Model

Our Solidity blockchain development specialists are available for customer collaboration work on individual client projects.

Meet Our Solidity Smart Contract Expert

If you need to hire Solidity developers with extensive experience for your project, contact EvaCodes right away!

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All-in-One Multi-Chain DEX


Defi Yop – Yield Optimization Platform


Wealth Protocol – Crypto-Wealth Management application


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