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Stellar Blockchain Development Company

At EvaCodes Stellar blockchain development company, our expert blockchain developers use Stellar technology to offer dependable FinTech solutions for enterprises and startups. With Stellar Blockchain technology, cross-border transactions are expedient, authentic, and secure.

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Our Stellar Blockchain Development Services

We help customers adopt Stellar blockchain solutions that offer unprecedented privacy, security, scalability, and operational efficiency.

Stellar App Development

Stellar App Development

We create sophisticated distributed applications that help your organization unlock tangible, long-term value. Our Stellar app development services create applications with your dynamic and diverse business requirements in mind.

Stellar Token Development

Token Development

Stellar's open-source nature makes it excellent for managing payment networks. We assist with token development and currency transaction documentation. Our Stellar token development company creates unique tokens that can track any commodity or currency on the Stellar network.

Stellar Wallet Development

Wallet Development

Using Stellar blockchain technology, we construct wallets that act as safe digital vaults for consumers to store their digital currency. These wallets offer numerous features and provide customers with a secure storage solution for their digital financial assets.

Stellar Smart Contract Development & Audit

Stellar Smart Contract Development & Audit

We build use cases that employ Stellar's cutting-edge contract features, including escrow contracts, joint entity crowdfunding, lightning channels, and more. Using Java and Solidity, our developers simultaneously construct smart contracts and machine language algorithms.

Stellar Maintenance and Upgrade

Maintenance and Upgrade

We provide real-time maintenance and optimization of your product and help with real-time issues to ensure continuous improvement.

Stellar Consulting


As part of our Stellar Consulting Services, we help you analyze how your organization can use Stella to boost efficiency and secure transactions.

We create the blueprint for your product’s success

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Our Stellar Blockchain Solutions

Cross-border Payments

Stellar blockchain development solutions for international payments are entirely frictionless and lightning fast, with a very quick response time.

Asset Management

With a Stellar-based asset management system, you can transfer, trade, and monitor your assets in real-time while ensuring that no data is altered in the process.


We make it possible for our customers to send money anywhere it needs to go in the world at a reasonable cost and without fretting over currency conversion.

Global Trade

Smart contracts developed by our Stellar engineers make it possible to facilitate quick and reliable commerce all over the world by streamlining the transit of goods and assets with automated settlements.

Payment and Money

Stellar blockchain solutions give you the ability to conduct peer-to-peer transactions anywhere in the world both safely and securely.

Asset-backed tokens

With the help of our Stellar blockchain development tools, you can generate asset-backed tokens that can be stored safely on the Stellar network.

Stellar Blockchain Tools

Stellar Core

It is commonly referred to as the network's backbone. It monitors each and every transaction that takes place on the network, and the Stellar consensus protocol (SCP) is used for each and every step of the validation and agreement process. The SCP adds an additional layer of protection and validity to the system for its users.


Clients communicate using the Stellar Application Programming Interface server. It grants users access to a variety of functions, including the ability to review accounts, register transactions, and sign up for confirmed events. We provide a variety of applications for your company that useStellar Blockchain technology to facilitate an easy connection to the network using the horizon tool.

Federation Server

Federation Servers are at the forefront of any conversation on extracting data from an SQL database. These are protocol servers that can be immediately built and implemented into a network’s infrastructure as is.

Bridge Server

The Bridge server utility is key to making networks more straightforward. It is used in the process of developing more straightforward user interfaces for the Stellar network. It also makes the network’s complicated integration and operations much easier to understand, which then makes the processing of transactions much quicker and more dependable.

Benefits of Our Stellar Development Services

Quick and easy transactions

You can complete instantaneous digital currency transactions from anywhere, thereby vastly reducing the difficulties that are typically caused by transaction delays.

Optimal payment solutions

The Stellar network enables you to create payment solutions by making low-cost transactions possible.

Transactions with traceability

Every transaction is easily and immediately traceable, ensuring a higher level of responsibility and transparency within the ecosystem.

Codes with audibility

Take advantage of the many benefits smart contracts offer in developing safe, trackable payment systems.

Reasons to Choose EvaCodes Stellar Development Company

Extensive experience

We have experience working on more than fifty different Stellar development projects, which has given us strong mastery of the Stellar blockchain. As a result, we can guarantee that your company will receive the highest quality Stellar blockchain development services.

Agile approach

Our skilled coders adhere to the agile technique, which enables them to react promptly to even the most minute of alterations. We are also able to adapt and rework our strategy to accommodate any new requirements.

Our expert in-house development team

We are a Stellar app development company with extensive experience designing and implementing Stellar applications, available for both short-term and long-term engagements, both on- and off-site.

Secure process

We are a reputable Stellar blockchain development business that adheres to the most cutting-edge and effective coding and development techniques in order to protect the confidentiality of customer information.

Our Expertise in Stellar Blockchain App Development

Healthcare & Insurance

We helped a healthcare organization implement a smart patient- and researcher-facing system to carry out clinical trials based on smart contracts on an Ethereum network that enabled BlockTrial and metadata search capability.

Retail & E-Commerce

We developed a customer-centric e-commerce platform for a well-known retail and e-commerce company that included a Store performance analysis tool, a crypto payment system, and special pricing for token holders, among other features.


We crafted a fully-functional Blockchain-powered gaming and loyalty program platform for a prestigious gaming and entertainment company, which could be integrated with gaming services, CSM, and CRM.

Supply Chain

The unalterable ledger of blockchain facilitates interoperability and transparency throughout your whole supply chain, enabling seamless tracking of items and real-time process updates, thereby streamlining your entire transportation cycle.

Banking & Finance

We designed and implemented a fully functional loan process and settlement solution utilizing smart contracts and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) that expedites the loan process and settlement of syndicate loans. as well as enables secure payment.

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Our Process for Stellar Blockchain App Development

Feasibility Assessment

Our expert Blockchain consultants and developers examine the current solution to determine the viability of adopting a Blockchain application, assessing business objectives at each phase.

Platform Identification

Our Stellar blockchain development company identifies the optimal Blockchain platform based on your company’s requirements and the sort of framework to be constructed for the solution.

PoC Development

We design, craft, and develop a suitable prototype for use case validation. We use the demonstration to determine the viability of the complete solution.

App Development

We develop and test the Blockchain application to create a strong, cost-effective, and dependable solution.

Blockchain App Integration

We integrate our comprehensive solution with other applications, software, processes, and monitoring of relevant business operations.

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Development Team

Our blockchain developers have hands-on experience with cognitive technologies in order to provide our customers with solutions and Stellar blockchain development services of the highest possible quality.

Team Extension

Our strategy for extending Stellar development teams is designed for clients who want to augment their existing teams with members who have the specific knowledge needed for their Stellar blockchain development projects.

Project-based Model

If you want to hire Stellar developers who work with project-based models and are available for customer collaboration and engagement in individual client complex blockchain projects, EvaCodes is your best bet.

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