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Tokenomics Consulting And Development

People have numerous different interpretations of the term "tokenomics," just like there are many different names used in the blockchain business. Tokenomics is a token-based cryptocurrency business model . This is a well-balanced economic model of a token that takes all members' interests into account.

The team at EvaCodes has been providing services in tokenomics research and tokenomics development process for a long time.

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EvaCodes Tokenomics Services

The construction of tokenomics demands the expertise of business model developers, mathematicians, macroeconomists, marketers, and, most crucially, IT specialists and blockchain experts - individuals who can translate the meaning and logic of tokenomics into a project's code.

Any successful project will begin developing its tokenomics at an early stage because doing so helps its team to better understand what makes for a good tokenomics model, as well as any potential unintended repercussions. To determine whether or not the viability of a project can be maintained over time, investors and strategic partners will constantly look into its tokenomics and verify the information. Because of this, the tokenomics for your project need to be built by qualified experts.

Tokenomics Model Development

Creating tokenomics that are both effective and thorough. During the process of developing a comprehensive economic model, the fundamentals underlying its operation are formulated, and a functional description of smart contracts that can be used in conjunction with the project’s tokens is drafted.
Not all existing token models comply with the legislation of various jurisdictions. The creation of a solid tokenomics model is an incredibly challenging endeavor. Still, the following points cannot be ignored.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts that enable the project's tokenomics model to be practically implemented need to be created. The token economy uses incentive behavior for reinforcing. Tokenomics model developing required behavior in the blockchain ecosystem.

Tokenomics Model Auditing

We provide existing tokenomics models conducting and audits, as well as stress testing, process optimization, and the resolution of any problems discovered.

We create the blueprint for your product’s success

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We have expertise with the most demanded types of Tokenomics

GameFi Tokenomics

Provide the next level of gaming to both blockchain games and gaming platforms.

Land & Metaverse Tokenomics

Build virtual worlds with the right monetary rewards and digital currencies for governance.

SocialFi Tokenomics

Incentives in the form of tokens given to influencers to promote participation in social events.

NFT Tokenomics

In order to improve the ownership of a singularity on a token economy.

DAO Tokenomics

For organizations that are not centralized and operate independently while utilizing token mechanics.

Ecosystem Tokenomics

In order to run complex systems, the operation often requires the presence of incentives, governance, markets, and economic policies.

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How We Do It

Develop a Profile for Your Project or Product

We delineate the project’s value and consumer characteristics, as well as the characteristics of the target market. We nail down the outcomes of the activities associated with the project, as well as determine which aspects of these outcomes need to be tokenized.

Analysis of the Parties' Interests

We identify all of the project's stakeholders, the interests they have in the project, and the parties that could have an effect on the project.

Token Platform Selection and Type Determination

We decide upon the type of token whose functions can most effectively ensure the interests of all stakeholders, legal compliance, and the technical characteristics of the token, as well as selection of the blockchain platform on which the token will operate.

Model the Token Flow within the Ecosystem

We designate the primary mechanisms that will ensure the incentive structure for tokenholders and stakeholders, as well as verification of the token model to verify that it complies with the laws of the countries in which it will be circulated.

Construction of a budget

We consider many possibilities for the tokenomics development of the firm within the bounds of its finances. The structure of the costs and the total amount should be in sync with the project's roadmap.

Formation of a predictive financial model of tokenomics

Project tokenomics creation and financial model are made possible by doing detailed preliminary calculations and gaining a full grasp of the roles that the token plays in the ecosystem, as well as its underlying mechanisms.

Tokenomics Delivery: What you receive

Your project will receive support from EvaCodes in the token design process, regardless of whether it focuses on technical standards, economic incentives, or creative DeFi prospects.

We have a wealth of experience defining many types of tokens, such as governance, utility, security, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In addition, we can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your project’s tokenomics, or we can simply carry out a review and make recommendations.

Tokenomics dashboard

We build a tokenomics dashboard spreadsheet that includes every aspect that can affect your business projections and help you to create unique tokenomics.

Tokenomics deck

The tokenomics deck offers a description of the token strategy as well as examples of its implementation.

Tokenomics consulting experts

EvaCodes has been working in tokenomics consultancy and the development of tokenomics for a long time. We are a world-class fintech and cloud engineering company with strong practical experience that blends blockchain and tokenomics consulting, strategy, design, and engineering at scale. Our team also has experience in cloud engineering.

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