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All-in-One Multi-Chain DEX

AliumSwap is an all-in-one multi-chain DEX with hybrid liquidity feature, unique staking alternatives, and the latest solutions for Investors, Traders, Businesses

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"The designs from EvaCodes have received positive feedback from the client, and the company's platform has gained greater traffic because of the designs. The team has been quick and informative; they facilitate clear communication using Telegram and keep the firm always informed about their progress."

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About the client

Client size
25-50 Employees
Tallinn, Estonia
Contact person
Gene Neklyudov
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Executive summary

Client background

AliumSwap creates an advanced AMM Multichain DEX with Cross-chain & Hybrid Liquidity Features.

Decentralized exchanges on different blockchains do not interact with each other, and the transfer of assets between them creates serious difficulties for users.

AliumSwap will allow users to trade assets safely and quickly transfer them between blockchains.

Business challenge

Alium is a large-scale project with powerful founders, which can become a market leader in the future.

EvaCodes provided a development team involved in developing new features, maintaining the project, and developing unique technical solutions that allowed the project to be stable and sustainable.

Value delivered

There were several CRA projects, put together into one on Next.js.

We are adding networks: Huobi, Polygon, Ethereum, Fantom, Metis, Moonriver, Moonbeam, Aurora, OKC.

Adding and refining the integration of wallets: Metamask, Walletconnect, BSC wallet, Okex wallet.

New sections: analytics, SHP, farming, liquidity migrate, bridge.

With the new sections, we applied the following technologies and tools: Graphql (thegraph service), SWR (query caching and state management of network data), Zustand (state management of new features, resulting in faster writing of logic), additional modules for developing UI components (libraries with modal windows, pop-ups, css in js and others), ethers (set of tools to interact with contracts and blockchain data work), also additional modules for using API layer in next. js (proxying, firebase, node cache, and others), i18n – multilingual .

API layer in next js: bridge exchange calculations (omnibridge integration), fee service to calculate additional commissions, endpoint tokenLogo comes out as token logo search for different networks with dynamic sampling from different sources, proxy endpoints to address microservices (back-proxy, bridge oracle).

The rest: finalization of Alium-SDK (creation of new entities, constants migration, finalization of data collection logic for the exchange and others), tokens-list (a separate repository as storage, contains lists of tokens and images for each network).

Success story in detail

EvaCodes and Alium started their joint history back in April 2021. During the time of joint cooperation, a huge number of new features were developed, new wallets were integrated, new sections were added, and unique technical solutions were applied.

The joint history of Alium and EvaCodes continues until today. The two companies work in excellent symbiosis and create a really unique product that takes its market share.

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