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Ethereum EVM

Konsta is an L1 EVM compatible decentralized blockchain with hybrid PoSA (Proof of Stake Authority) consensus built to make the crypto space safer via protected transactions.

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Ethereum EVM Konsta
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About the client

Ethereum EVM Konsta
Decentralized Finance
Client size
25-50 Employees
Contact person
Aleksandr Kents
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Blockchain solution
Executive summary

Client background

Konsta is a secure blockchain allowing its users to make secure instant transfers and run Ethereum dApps on the platform. It can be used for the gaming industry, making payments, minting and trading NFTs, and many more.

Business challenge

A blockchain like Konsta is a complex system that requires an experienced team to build it from scratch. Our task in this case was to create a secure, stable, EVM-compatible, and scalable protocol and to launch the whole network.

We had to carefully consider the needs and expectations of various stakeholders, such as developers, notariuses, validators, and end-users, and ensure that the network would be usable for all of them.

These tasks required extensive research, testing, and iteration, as well as effective communication and collaboration among team members and partners.

Value delivered

  • Developing the blockchain for Konsta to operate on
  • Launching the network and ensuring it runs seamlessly
Success story in detail

Konsta is designed to be lightweight and scalable, and it also offers a range of features such as faster block confirmation times and lower gas fees. A project like that would not be successful without a knowledgeable team of blockchain developers, traditional developers, and sophisticated project management.

The client was satisfied with the value our blockchain team delivered and continued the cooperation with EvaCodes.

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