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  • Blockchain development

    Blockchain Consulting and Development for Startups and Enterprises. Defi, NFT, Solidity projects

  • Startup Development

    Whether you’re looking for a prototype to receive funding, an MVP to validate your product idea we’re here to help you throughout your journey.

  • Custom Development

    We’re a software consultancy that design, develop, and deploy custom software solutions to transform ideas into products people love.

  • Mobile App Development

    We build globally recognize products and provide quality mobile teams to startups and enterprises

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Our case studies by countries

Aesthetic Record image

Aesthetic Record

Developing a mobile application for Aesthetic Record company. Aesthetic Record is trusted by practices of all sizes to manage patient interactions and day-to-day operations

Yield Optimization Platform image

Yield Optimization Platform

YOP - Yield Optimization Platform. DeFi for everyone. All-in-one Mobile yOptimization Application. Making it easier for everyone to engage with digital assets. The Robinhood of DeFi (Decentralised Finance).



Developing a mobile application that helps the truck driver to install solar panels with higher accuracy

Cryptoqo image


Online platform for accepting Cryptocurrency for Online Payments

Human Panel image

Human Panel

Providing Senior level developers for the long term model. Front-end and Back-end part.

Care image


With the growing desire to carry out outdoor sports, CARE takes care of providing small tools, which would usually be found in the gym, anywhere in our cities.

Fermalytics image



Fermalytics is a free service that will be the database of your successful and not-so-successful fermented makes. The idea is to not only provide a means for efficient data entry, but also a means for personal insight extraction.

Dimo Mobile image

Dimo Mobile

blockchain platform

Dimo is a platform that allows to transfer and receive funds from the user's main account in Dimo cryptocurrency. To implement this function, Fork Stellar (an analog of Blockchain Stellar) was used. Registration, authentication and interaction take place by phone number


    About us

    We take every project personally. We treat each business idea as our own. We invest the expertise, the know-how, the entrepreneurial spirit to impart the innovative interpretation and digital embodiment to our clients’ ideas. We aim to present only solutions to clients while hiring the top IT talent to deal with unavoidable issues.

    Evacodes recognizes the competitive edge of the software development services market. This is just one of the multiple reasons why we go that extra mile. Every time. With every project. This is also why we keep winning tenders for mobile app and software development services. This is why we manage to keep our clients coming back with bigger projects & still live up to their high expectations.

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