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Enjoy a seamless shift from traditional financial services to decentralized finance with EvaCodes. We work hard to be the best DeFi app development company on the market by going beyond our clients’ expectations.

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development

Our blockchain-savvy experts will help you transition from conventional financial systems to cutting-edge DeFi solutions to provide the growing unbanked population with equal monetary services.

Make a Step Toward Your Dream DeFi Company

The team at EvaCodes works exclusively on blockchain projects. Focusing on decentralized finance (DeFi) development allows us to deliver top-quality solutions. Whether you are looking for a partner to help you build a decentralized exchange, a yield farming platform, a DeFi wallet, a DeFi token, a DeFi staking platform, a DeFi lending and borrowing platform, or any other decentralized finance application, EvaCodes has you covered.

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Our DeFi Development Services

DeFi dApp Development

DeFi dApp Development

Entrust the building of your dApp to our DeFi platform development team to help your users make the most of decentralized finance.

DeFi Token Development

DeFi Token Development

We’ll help you develop and launch your native DeFi token to make some major noise about your DeFi protocol in the crypto world.

DEX Development

Decentralized Exchange Development

Our DeFi developers can build a decentralized exchange for secure trading without any intermediaries.

DeFi Lending:Borrowing Platform Development

DeFi Lending/Borrowing Platform Development

Let your users tap into the best in private lending and borrowing experiences with a high-performing decentralized platform by EvaCodes.

DeFi Wallet Development

DeFi Wallet Development

We have unrivaled experience building secure DeFi wallets to provide traders with absolute control over their crypto assets.

DeFi Yield Farming Development

DeFi Yield Farming Development

The team at EvaCodes will help you build a yield farming platform to let your users maximize their returns.

DeFi Staking Platform Development

DeFi Staking Platform Development

Whether you need a staking platform on Ethereum, TRON, or any other blockchain, the team at our DeFi application development company has you covered.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

DeFi Smart Contract Development

Our professional DeFi development team can develop fully autonomous smart contracts to enable crypto transactions without involving third parties.

DeFi Crypto Banking

DeFi Crypto Banking

Help your users discover the incredible potential of decentralized crypto banking with DeFi development services from EvaCodes.

DeFi Fund Management

DeFi Fund Management

We can develop a top-tier DeFi fund management system to help your users effectively manage their assets.

Derivatives Over DeFi Platform

Derivatives Over DeFi Platform

Leverage a DeFi-based derivative platform where every function is automated by smart contracts.

DeFi Insurance System Development

DeFi Insurance System Development

The team at our DeFi development company can build an effective DeFi insurance platform to help your users minimize DeFi-related risks.

DeFi Consulting Services

DeFi Consulting Services

If you’re looking to join the decentralized finance development services revolution and need to consult with DeFi experts, we’re here to help.

DeFi Synthetic Asset Development

DeFi Synthetic Asset Development

Help your users fully leverage the benefits of decentralized finance with DeFi synthetic asset development services by EvaCodes.

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DeFI Development on Various Blockchain Platforms

Ethereum blockchain development


BSC blockchain development


Avalanche blockchain development


Tezos blockchain development


Polygon Matic blockchain development

Polygon Matic

Near protocol blockchain development

Near Protocol

XDC Network blockchain development

XDC Network

Our Security Audit Over DeFi Apps

Every DeFi solution we build undergoes a  thorough safety audit  of its code performed by third-party auditors to:

  • verify the code’s consistency
  • ensure the integrity of the project
  • protect assets from hackers

Benefits of DeFi

Global Access

DeFi transactions can be carried out with zero geographical restrictions — everyone with anInternet connection can leverage decentralized finance platforms.


It is impossible to manipulate any record on the blockchain network, which translates into greater transparency and added security.

No Third Parties

Unlike traditional financial services, decentralized finance removes dependency on a central authority, meaning DeFi users have full control over their funds and data.


Blockchain technology ensures the highest level of transparency, fostering ultimate trust across the entire DeFi space.


DeFi platforms can safely interact with each other and be seamlessly integrated into a single module for greater efficiency and enhanced user experiences.

Streamlined Operations

By removing the need for intermediaries, DeFi applications enable direct transactions between participants.

High Programmability

Smart contracts are extensively programmable and can be designed to perform automatically.

Anonymous Transactions

Although transactions are carried out within a public network, their anonymity is guaranteed, since the identity linked to profiles remains hidden.

Why Choose EvaCodes for Your DeFi Development

Accelerated Time-to-Market

With our established practices, DeFi development automation, and next-generation technologies, we’ll develop your DeFi solution faster.

Client-Focused Approach

As a trusted DeFi development company, we go all out to live up to our reputation and to fulfill our client’s expectations. When you work with EvaCodes, you’ll get a professional team committed to making your DeFi business thrive.

Safe & Secure Partnership

We provide our clients with extra peace of mind with an NDA to protect their ideas. Plus, our code is audited by Certik, Hacken, and other trusted smart contract audit companies.

Unparalleled Blockchain Expertise

Our company is focused exclusively on Web3 and blockchain solutions, which allows us to accumulate valuable experience and deliver top-level DeFi application development services, which makes EvaCodes one of the best providers in this domain.

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Our DeFi Development Process


Decentralized finance development starts with planning — specifying requirements and defining project scope, budget, and timeframes.


Based on your project requirements, we build a prototype for your DeFi solution and test it.


At the development stage, our developers write the code for your DeFi platform according to your approved design.


Then, our testing specialists extensively test all the components of your DeFi application. If any defects in code are found, the project is sent back to developers to remove them.


Finally, we deploy decentralized finance applications — this is where your DeFi system goes live.

Maintenance & Support

Your partnership with EvaCodes won’t end once your DeFi platform hits the market. We’ll be there for you to make sure it works as intended, fixing issues and adding updates.

Our Engagement Models

As a leading DeFi development agency, we focus on staying client-oriented and offer several engagement models.

Dedicated Development Team

We can assign a dedicated team to work exclusively on your DeFi project on a long-term basis. Your team will be assembled from specialists with expertise that can best meet your project needs. You can either decide to manage the team from your side, or entrust it to our in-house project manager.

Time & Material

With the T&M model , you payi us for actual DeFi development services delivered on a range-based price per hour. This model is best for DeFi projects with vague requirements and undefined scope. To ensure transparency and keep you in the loop about the project’s progress, we’ll provide you with access to our project management and time-tracking tools.

Augmented Team

The augmented team model has specialists from our DeFi development company work alongside your in-house team. This is your way to go if you need to close a skill gap within your internal team.

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DeFi Development FAQ

What is DeFi?

DeFi (abbreviated from decentralized finance) is an emerging financial technology that provides financial products and services using public blockchains, without any intermediaries.

What are the major benefits of DeFi?

Decentralized finance systems are more secure and transparent than conventional financial systems and don’t require a third party to carry out transactions. Other significant benefits of DeFi include interoperability, high programmability, anonymous transactions, and global access.

How can I make money with the help of DeFi development solutions?

You can build a DeFi platform to help your users manage their money in a decentralized way for a fee, from saving and making investments to lending and borrowing. You can also make profit from a decentralized exchange, a staking platform, a DeFi lottery system, and more.

How can I choose the best DeFi app development company?

Decentralized applications are based on blockchain, so it’s vital that you hire a DeFi developer or team with established blockchain expertise. In addition, it’s a good idea to explore their previous work and make sure they have similar DeFi development solutions in their portfolio.

What is a DeFi protocol?

DeFi protocols (decentralized finance protocols) are formats, codes, and procedures governing decentralized finance systems. DeFi protocols are embodied in smart contracts on programmable blockchains.

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Our DeFi Development Work

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All-in-One Multi-Chain DEX


Defi Yop – Yield Optimization Platform


Wealth Protocol – Crypto-Wealth Management application


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