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NFT games have become the true forerunners of Web3 and the most important component of the play-to-earn (P2E) system, which allows gamers to earn money while playing their favorite video games. We invite you to join this trend and create a visually stunning, motivating, and even profitable gaming experience for your target audience.

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Our NFT Game Development Services

In addition to technical expertise and experience, EvaCodes is driven to create games using the most advanced technologies, harnessing them for the next big thing.

NFT game development

NFT game development

Build any non-flip-to-win games for whatever genre you want to dominate with the assistance of a refined development team adept at capitalizing on commercial prospects.

Customizable NFT games

Customizable NFT games

Through blockchain-based gaming platforms, you can construct NFT games that can be customized using digital assets that are unique to you.

NFT game conceptualization

NFT game conceptualization

To generate and perfect game ideas that have a bright future in a field of intense competition and large earning potential, it is necessary to engage in creative thinking activities such as brainstorming and ideation. We can help you with that.

NFT game development for Android and iOS

NFT game development for Android and iOS

Construct a game that provides the best of both worlds by working with an experienced NFT gaming company that is aware of exactly what to include and what to leave out to create an experience that is both rich and stimulating.

We create the blueprint for your product’s success

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We Have Vast Experience Developing NFT Games of All Types

NFT P2E game

NFT games with play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics allow users to monetize gaming through the sale and trading of integrated NFTs.

NFT PvP game

Player-versus-player (PvP) battle games are perfectly balanced and offer non-monetary rewards in the form of tokens, abilities, unique powers, and even outfits.

NFT metaverse game

EvaCodes NFT game studio creates games and platforms for P2P interactions within the metaverse that feature non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as characters, places, games, experiences, and more that are set within a massive virtual universe.

NFT RPG game

EvaCodes is one of the leading NFT game development companies that develop role-playing games with immersive game worlds, compelling narratives, and an excellent advancement mechanism that makes use of a variety of in-game objects like NFTs.

NFT sports and racing game

We create interesting sports and racing games, complete with teams, accessories, equipment, vehicles, upgrades, and trophies, all of which are implemented as NFTs.

NFT card and casino game

Both the simulation of actual casino games and the invention of enjoyable card games are on the agenda, and both will feature rock-solid game rules and bespoke NFTs for use within the games.

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NFT Game Development Features


Users of the NFT gaming platform will be able to acquire virtual assets and will be granted transparent access to those assets. However, the financial side of any transactions made will be kept confidential. This has the potential to bring in a huge number of people on a gaming platform.


The safety of our users, both game designers and players, is and will always be our first priority. Research has established that the blockchain concept is safe in its architectural design. This is, of course, wholly dependent on the actual implementation and settings of the app itself.


The transactions that take place on a blockchain between players and developers can be verified. With the help of NFT gaming platform development, you can create a transparent infrastructure that enables all users to purchase virtual assets.


Tokens that are not fungible and can be traded instantly will have higher levels of liquidity. Because NFT marketplaces may appeal to a diverse group of consumers, from seasoned traders to newbies, this creates the opportunity for assets to be presented to a wider audience of potential purchasers.


When a traditional online game experiences a server outage, players often forfeit all of their in-game purchases. The NFT gaming platform, on the other hand, is decentralized and independent of any other gaming platform; its data is kept on the blockchain.

Decentralized NFT platform

When a new block is added to a blockchain, you can update your NFT data in that blockchain.

Why Choose EvaCodes for NFT Game Development

Game development and design expertise

Our NFT gaming platform development company creates engaging games with a focus on using NFTs, maintaining a strong game design, and making use of the most recent technology stack.

Experience in effective NFT development

EvaCodes NFT game platform development company creates valuable tokens on the blockchain that the client prefers, and we establish a full economy that incorporates notions such as scarcity, necessity, and demand, all of which have the potential to drive up the value of the tokens.

Creative team

Ensure that your NFT solution is both user-friendly and visually appealing by incorporating fantastic user interface (UI) screens, an intuitive user experience (UX), high-fidelity 3D elements, effects, and so on. Our team at EvaCodes can provide everything you need for your game.

Agile development

Your NFT project should go through numerous stages of design, development, testing, feedback, and iteration before it is considered complete. This ensures that the finished result will meet all of your precise requirements. We will guide you through the entire process.

Strategic minting with low gas fees

Our NFT game development company mints the tokens on a variety of blockchains and employs thoughtful tactics to cut down on the total amount of gas costs that must be paid for each mint.

Complete end-to-end support

We offer full-circle NFT gaming development, beginning with the conception of the game and continuing through post-release support and future upgrades and modifications based on the requirements.

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Our Process

Research and concept creation

Our NFT game development company does extensive studies on concept generation, user flow, wireframes, value creation, and other requirements to meet the prerequisites for expanding the fundamental gameplay concept with new concepts and components.

Art and design production

In addition to developing a practical game concept that features an interesting gameplay loop at its center, we produce a wide variety of assets that are designed per the preferred art style.

Game development

NFT game developers at EvaCodes work on the game's many modules and, following the completion of dev testing, implement all of the game's features. This is according to the technical specification.

Blockchain and tokenomics

Our NFT gaming platform development services include the implementation of your preferred blockchain, such as Ethereum, Solana, Binance, or Tezos. Several distinct tokenomics ideas are put into practice to achieve the goal of creating a well-balanced economy.

Security and testing

The specialists in quality analysis at EvaCodes test the entirety of the game and all of its features, carrying out verification and validation and guaranteeing that the game adheres to the strictest possible security standards.

Maintenance and support

To ensure the game has a longer life cycle, we give significant post-development support, including successful monetization techniques, concept creation, and routine server maintenance.

Our Engagement Models

Fixed cost

Hire our expert NFT game developers for a project that requires full attention. This month-to-month arrangement requires no upfront commitment.

Time and material

Please inquire about our hourly rates if your firm needs continuing help creating an NFT game. This method charges you for project work hours.

Dedicated team

If your firm needs an NFT game development company to complete a project, contact us about hiring our developers. This month-to-month deal requires no upfront payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT in gaming?

NFT gaming enables the monetization of gameplay components like products and cosmetics, providing players with exclusive possibilities to acquire rare or one-of-a-kind in-game items.

What technologies are utilized to create NFTs for games?

NFT game development services necessitate the utilization of an array of technologies, frameworks, and tools.

Here are a few of these tools:

1. Game Engines

Game engines are integrated development environments (IDEs) used by game developers to produce games. A game engine contains various capabilities, such as a graphics engine, physics engine, rendering pipeline, etc., that facilitate and accelerate the production process.

Below are a few of the top game engines:

  • Unity.
    Unity is a game engine that facilitates NFT game development on many platforms simultaneously.
  • Unreal
    Epic Games, the firm responsible for Fortnite and Unreal Tournament, developed the Unreal gaming engine.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain is essential to the development of NFT games since NFTs are hosted on the blockchain. Here are a few of the most prominent blockchains that support NFTs:

3. Storage

Decentralized storage is a method of storing information among numerous nodes. It does not keep data on a single, centralized server but rather distributes it to users around the world.

  • IPFS
  • Filecoin

What kinds of NFTs can be created on the gaming platform?

You can create a wide variety of NFTs, including characters, cars, trading cards, weaponry, and virtual landscapes.

How much time will it take to create an NFT game?

The required development timeframe is contingent on the specifics of each project.

The amount of time required to complete an NFT gaming project is determined by the following factors:

  • Resources at your disposal

Typically, more resources result in a superior development experience. The greater the number of individuals available to execute the gaming project, the better it will be.

  • The complexity of the NFT game

The more features a game has and the more expansive its scope, the longer it will take to develop. Similarly, a game with a limited scope would require far less time.

  • Tools used for development

The tools, technology, and development frameworks utilized can alter or lengthen the required game development duration. A well-selected set of tools helps accelerate the NFT game development process. Similarly, the selection of inappropriate tools might lengthen the required time.

How much does it cost to avail of NFT game development services?

When determining the budget for NFT game development cost, an NFT game production business must consider a variety of criteria. Additionally, it is impossible to provide a round number or basic estimate without examining the game’s requirements, as the required budget would vary greatly depending on the game’s concept.

How do fungible and non-fungible tokens differ?

Fungible tokens have the same value and thus can be traded with one another. A fungible token would be any conventional cash. One euro coin or dollar bill is no more or less valuable than any other euro coin or dollar bill. Unlike fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens cannot be swapped due to their unique specifications and requirements. Their value differs.

Can you earn money through NFT games?

NFT games are decentralized and allow players to employ game assets outside of the game as NFTs. In addition, users can earn money by selling art on NFT marketplaces. In other words, anything you acquire during a game will be considered a valuable asset. You can sell them for a price, and there will be no replicas of these assets anywhere else.

Why should NFTs be implemented in online games?

NFT game development services enable the creation of a realistic gameplay environment in which users may purchase and trade virtual assets. NFT platforms enable a realistic game experience in which prizes are offered.

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