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Video Game Industry of the Future: Metaverse Design and Development Services

Develop an interactive gaming experience for players underpinned by the blockchain. Develop your own metaverse game with the help of EvaCodes, one of the best metaverse game development companies, and take gaming to a whole new level.

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Our Metaverse Development Services

Decentralized gaming platform

We will design and create blockchain-powered gaming systems for you based on the parameters of your game project. Your criteria for a decentralized and independent UI/UX design are met by our development of an open-source gaming environment, which includes both the front end and the back end.

Gaming dApps

We develop decentralized applications (dApps) that are user-friendly to provide users with an immersive interface via which they may explore the gaming metaverse. By incorporating blockchain technology into the ecosystem of your gaming metaverse, we will make it entirely automated and safe for user sovereignty.

Gaming NFTs

We aid in tokenizing and trading game assets using non-fungible tokens, (NFTs) within the gaming metaverse, providing players with assistance in generating income while they are actively participating in the gaming process.

3D gaming spaces

We offer a highly scalable three-dimensional gaming metaverse as the driving force behind an immersive environment in which players can participate in three-dimensional gaming models.

Gaming metaverse marketplaces

The game metaverse markets that you create, such as Axie Infinity and The Sandbox, can be designed by our professionals, and they can also help you innovate and launch them. We construct interoperable markets from the ground up, beginning with the conceptualization phase and continuing through the full-stack design analysis.

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Features of Our Gaming Metaverse

Immersive platforms

Immersive platforms

A flexible gaming experience allows gamers to make use of the realistic gaming effects and sensory feedback offered by the gaming metaverse.

Social gaming

Social gaming

Gamers can engage in competition with their friends and other players from all around the world thanks to the multi-player gaming experience offered by the metaverse.



Players have the opportunity to take part in lucrative pursuits when they use our gaming metaverse. They can now tokenize their in-game assets and sell them to other players in exchange for cryptocurrency thanks to our gaming NFTs.

Interoperable gaming

Interoperable gaming

Players can take advantage of the portability of in-game assets thanks to the interoperable environment of our gaming metaverse. They can save their avatars and weapons from one game and use them in another game that takes place in a different setting.

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Build and Launch a Custom Gaming Metaverse

The skilled game developers on the EvaCodes team are in charge of creating both metaverse games and gaming systems. We create player-versus-player (PvP) and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experiences that are adapted for the metaverse using our expertise in several of the top metaverse NFT game development technologies, blockchains, and augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) platforms.

The Different Genres of Metaverse Games We Develop

Adventure and action games

We design immersive action and adventure games that feature NFT in-game assets, including characters, skins, places, stadiums, and levels, all of which can be exchanged in the NFT marketplace within the game's player-to-ecosystem P2E environment.

Card and casino games

The market potential for metaverse casinos is enormous, and choosing to launch your company on the metaverse gambling platform is a wise move if you want to make the most of this opportunity. You can create metaverse games if you have a solid understanding of both the metaverse and casino principles. If you are unfamiliar with this idea, we can provide you with comprehensive support in every possible direction.

Racing and sports games

We develop video games in the racing and sports genres, including metaverse and Web3 features such as networked first-person shooters (FPS). Tokenized versions of items such as vehicles, personalities, objects, and so on will be available for players to exchange with one another.

PvP and RTS games

Both real-time strategy (RTS) and player-versus-player (PvP) games have been developed by our team of metaverse game developers. We tokenize a variety of features of the game, including characters, missions, weapons, and so on, and we offer completely seamless multiplayer experiences.

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Why Choose Us as Your Metaverse Game Development Company

End-to-end metaverse game development

We create many genres of metaverse games, including MMORPG, Shooter, Action, RPGs, and MOBAs. Our team of seasoned game developers creates a wide array of engaging games.

Decentralized games platform development

EvaCodes metaverse development company offers bespoke metaverse platforms for hosting, developing, and launching video games. Using a metaverse-integrated custom game generator, users can develop and market their own games on the site.

NFT integration and marketplace development

We implement NFTs into current games as well as create NFT games from scratch. Our NFT metaverse game development company also develops in-game NFT marketplaces that facilitate the trading of a variety of digital goods, including in-game lands, characters, skins, and weapons.

Tokenization and in-game economy

Our metaverse game developers build specialized cryptocurrencies for in-game transactions on top of solid blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. We also construct player-driven economies with P2E mechanics and NFT trading.

3D immersive virtual worlds

Our team develops voxel- and polygon-based 3D metaverses that are immersive. Our virtual worlds are accessible to users on a variety of platforms and devices, including computers, the web, mobile devices, and virtual reality headsets.

Virtual interaction features

To allow extensive user interactions and PvP features, we integrate into the metaverse customized social avatars and several communication channels, including voice and chat.

Metaverse P2E Games Platform Development

Metaverse games infrastructure

We develop metaverse gaming platforms on which players or administrators can host various game genres for the enjoyment of end users.

Latest decentralized tech

We construct metaverse platforms atop the most modern and dependable blockchain networks, conforming to the most recent standards for tokenization, governance, smart contracts, and security.

P2E mechanics

Through the early incorporation of P2E mechanics into the design of metaverse games, we ensure that consumers can monetize their playing experience.

Asset trade within the platform

Our metaverse platforms are compatible with the trading of various types of NFT assets and facilitate user-to-user NFT trading.

Interoperable standards

All assets developed within the metaverse platforms will be interoperable, allowing players to transfer assets between games without compatibility difficulties.

Development Tools We Rely On


Virtual reality

Storage platforms


Game engines

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Metaverse Game Development Process

Metaverse's possibilities

Large corporations such as Facebook, Nike, and Microsoft are constructing metaverse blockchains to capitalize on the metaverse's potential. Facebook is exploring an investment of $10 billion into the metaverse. Nike recently declared its desire to manufacture and sell virtual apparel and athletic footwear. Given the potential of the metaverse, these investments are anticipated to yield substantial returns. Consequently, now is the optimal time to capitalize on the metaverse potential.

Verified provenance

In crypto metaverses, NFTs are used as in-world currency. Achievements and purchases can be highly valuable to players in gaming environments. NFTs provide in-game item standards with much-needed openness and access to asset markets. Because each NFT is unique, metaverse tokens and items can be devised to facilitate the authentication of the origin of user-generated content and NFT gaming assets.

User administration

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and governance tokens assist crypto metaverses like Decentraland, which put their players in charge of the game's destiny by allowing them to vote on modifications and upgrades. In this approach, metaverses can evolve beyond crypto games to become complete communities with economies and democratic governments.

Decentralized system

Crypto metaverses like Decentraland use DAOs and governance tokens to put their players in charge of the game's future by permitting them to vote on changes and enhancements. In this manner, metaverses can evolve into entire communities with economies and democratic governments, going beyond crypto games.

Economic value in the real world

Due to its reliance on Bitcoin and blockchain infrastructure, crypto metaverse economics have close ties to the crypto-economy as a whole. Users can now trade metaverse currencies, avatar skins, and digital real estate for cash on DEXs and NFT marketplaces.

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated development team

Our blockchain developers have hands-on experience with cognitive technologies in order to provide our customers with solutions and metaverse game development services of the highest possible quality.

Team extension

This model is designed to assist clients who want to augment their existing teams with members who have the specific knowledge needed for their projects.

Project-based model

Our software development specialists and those who work with project-based models are available for customer collaboration and engagement in individual client projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the metaverse in gaming?

Metaverse gaming is the idea of playing games in the metaverse. The metaverse integrates augmented reality and virtual reality into internet gaming. The old gaming system has been replaced by metaverse gaming, where players can obtain a “live” experience similar to the real world.

How do I hire a metaverse game development company?

Choosing a company with more employees is preferable to selecting one with fewer. With such large teams, a corporation may quickly assist you in designing the entire game. Always keep an eye out for a company’s portfolio of previous client work. It is vital to assess their expertise and understanding in the field. You must determine if the company is transparent about its operations and compatible with your metaverse game development objectives. Also, reputable and superior firms are extremely concerned about their initial impression.

Is it safe to invest in a metaverse game?

Before taking the first step in any investment, various considerations must be considered, and the same is true for investing in the metaverse. Due to the unpredictability of the gaming industry, investing in the metaverse is not advisable for everyone. Investing in the development of metaverse video games has the potential to generate a great deal of wealth, thus care must be taken when deciding which asset to purchase. Before investing in the metaverse, it is advisable to conduct a thorough study. Investing in the metaverse, however, allows investors to amass astronomical profits.

Why outsource metaverse game development?

Outsourcing services from a metaverse game development company must include a plan to monetize your application and its development, thereby maximizing your brand’s return on investment. Your outsourcing partner should have the technical expertise necessary to construct a metaverse game that meets your requirements and specifications. In addition, data or information security is of utmost importance for all organizations. When outsourcing metaverse game development, your partner must address standard app security concerns, such as storage security and deployment.

How much does it cost to build a metaverse game?

The cost of building a metaverse game varies depending on the game’s characteristics. The cost will also increase based on the technologies used to create it, making its creation an expensive endeavor. It depends on the needs and specifications of your game.

How do you create a game in the metaverse?

Typically, business professionals hire top metaverse gaming development firms to create a game in the metaverse, as the process entails multiple steps, including having a business idea, conducting thorough market research, hiring the best metaverse game development firm, performing UI/UX development, testing the metaverse game, and launching the game in the metaverse.

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