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Problems with the Currently Used Crypto Wallets

Even though secure DeFi wallets are becoming an increasingly popular way to keep cryptocurrency funds, there are a number of risks involved with cryptocurrency wallets. Because so much power is concentrated in a single location, there is an increased chance that failure or downtime could occur as a result of an attack on critical infrastructure. Risks linked with centralized wallets include:

Their single point of failure increases the dangers of identity theft. If hackers manage to break into users’ accounts or exploit any other security flaws in the system, users’ data stored in a centralized location could be compromised. Failure of a single critical node can bring down essential corporate infrastructure which users rely on.

  • Increased possibility of having one’s identity stolen
  • Potential for failures in infrastructure
  • The possibility of  shutdown by authorities.
  • Few opportunities for financial investment

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Why are DeFi Wallets a Crucial Part of the DeFi Ecosystem?

The majority of DeFi Crypto Wallets are constructed on the Ethereum blockchain and therefore support ERC-20, ERC-721, and ETH tokens. Businesses find DeFi wallets more appealing because they do not require a great deal of personal and background information. This means that users’ identities are never at risk, making DeFi wallets the most secure solution for managing crypto assets. Proteus offers users of the DeFi protocol a secure wallet and much more.

Our top-tier DeFi wallet development services, crafted by our seasoned team of specialists and developers, are sure to generate excellent returns on investment for your company. Without DeFi wallets, DeFi ecosystems would not be able to survive because they are the ultimate asset management tool for enterprises. A centralized structure forces users to hold their funds with traditional financial institutions, such as banks or custodial wallets. However, these third parties were not always secure.

A Comparison of DeFi and Standard Crypto Wallets

The idea of decentralized finance gives people full custody over their own cash, which is not the case in conventional financial institutions. With banks and central financial authorities, users have some limited custody over their funds. Here are some of the differences between typical cryptocurrency wallets and a DeFi Wallet.

DeFi Crypto wallet

  • Usersser are custodians of their own cash because confidence in the network is decentralized.
  • Users can access their own private keys.
  • No need to provide your KYC information to use your protected DeFi wallet.
  • Available integration with any and all DeFi systems.
  • Access to all asset-based currencies and DeFi protocol-based currencies that it supports.

Traditional crypto wallets

  • The owner of the crypto product serves as the custodian of user assets.
  • The owner of the product holds the private keys.
  • A valid KYC is required.
  • Integration with other DeFi platforms may or may not be possible.
  • Protocol-based currencies may or may not receive support.

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How does a Decentralized Crypto Wallet Work?

A decentralized cryptocurrency wallet is one that you manage and maintain yourself. There are no third-party service providers for decentralized wallets. Instead, they are stored on your computer or portable disk, eliminating the need for third-party services in your transactions. Decentralized wallets enable digital peer-to-peer transactions via the internet. Peer-to-peer transactions help eliminate the threat of corporate or government surveillance, which is crucial for security, privacy, and autonomy. The wallet architecture is deployed across a blockchain network and hosted on millions of nodes with no single point of failure.

Challenges of Developing a Wallet

Choosing the right consensus algorithm

Components of blockchains, including block size, consensus processes, and validators, each confer one-of-a-kind characteristics on the blockchains to which they belong. It is essential to carefully choose the method by which the members of the network authenticate transactions, such as by using proof of work, proof of stake, Byzantine fault-tolerance, or some other method.

Selecting the right platform

Building a DeFi platform from scratch involves several months of labor and substantial on-demand DeFi wallet development costs. You must choose a blockchain platform to construct your DeFi wallet based on stability requirements, scale, DeFi wallet development solutions, and budget. Ethereum is the premier platform for decentralized finance, since it helps to accelerate development and reduce costs.

Possible exploits and vulnerabilities

DeFi operates on parts of code that are accessible to everyone, which could lead to vulnerabilities and exploits. This can result in significant financial loss. To decrease the possibility of exploits, it is essential to use audit firms to evaluate code and help fix any vulnerabilities discovered.


It is crucial to guarantee that smart contracts are unbreakable, that all content and information are backed up, that the wallet is configured for two-factor authentication and multi-signature functionality, and that a system of ongoing security updates is in place to assure veracity.


Managing transactions and funds should be straightforward and simple for users. The wrong wallet design can result in failed transactions, so it is essential to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use UI/UX for transactions to go smoothly.


DeFi wallets can store and manage cryptocurrency holdings. Ethereum-specific DeFi wallets allow users to store not only ETH but also other Stablecoins and DeFi tokens. Non custodial wallets enable their accessibility worldwide.

Services We Offer

Web wallets

For access to the web wallets are used only for private keys. Additionally, it can only be restored via seed phrases. These wallets are compatible with Ethereum-based coins.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets, unlike digital wallets, are kept on a hardware device. They allow customers to store vast amounts of crypto assets and keep them safe from hackers.

Mobile wallets

Non-custodial DeFi wallets are developed using new Ethereum smart contracts. They can be regulated effectively by users.

Desktop Wallets

Desktop Wallets can be installed on any standard computer. Thus, they can connect directly to the Internet while maintaining a high level of security.

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Our DeFi Crypto Wallet Features

Support For Multi-Assets

Our DeFi wallet development platform supports BTC, ETH, and ERC20 tokens natively. Coins and tokens can be seamlessly integrated for the benefit of business customers.

Multi-Language Support

Our best DeFi wallet development includes built-in support for English, German, Spanish, French, and more languages according to the needs of your business.

Automatic Scanning Of Wallet Address

Our QR code scanner allows for the automatic scanning of wallet addresses, thus eliminating human entry error and simplifying cryptocurrency exchanges.

Automatic Prevention of Duplicate Payments

The wallet's automatic detection mechanism eliminates duplicate payments and chargebacks with ease.

NFC Support

NFC tags simplify transactions between users by retrieving their wallets automatically and by completing the transaction without input from either party. This provides a quick and easy method for completing transactions.

Unique Selling Point

Our white-label DeFi wallet's distinctive selling factor gives us a competitive advantage.

Quick Payments

Make rapid payments using a QR code or chat window, with cryptocurrency in place of fiat currency.

No third-party custodians

Users retain complete ownership of their funds and assets, and only they have access to them. There is no third-party authority over this money.


Give your users the ability to stake assets and trade across DeFi platforms.

Yield Farming

Allow users to invest their tokens for optimal yield while fulfilling liquidity requirements.


Crypto DeFi wallet development company integrates web3 wallets into DeFi wallets. Users have access to decentralized applications without having to leave their wallets.


The users can deposit and withdraw fiat currency through bank card transfers.


Users can effortlessly exchange crypto tokens without requiring a separate wallet.

In-chat Transactions

Users can easily and rapidly chat with one another. Users can use the chat function to make a payment request or send and receive cryptocurrency.

Reasons to Choose EvaCodes

EvaCodes DeFi wallet development company is the best option for crypto DeFi wallet development services, counseling, and marketing. We guarantee the complete secrecy of your project with our NDA. In addition, we provide detailed information about our working procedure and a free estimate for the creation of your project.

EvaCodes DeFi development company has spent years working in the blockchain and DeFi space

100% consumer satisfaction guaranteed

Developers with a profound understanding of blockchain technology

Skilled team equipped to develop scalable DeFi ecosystems

Strict adherence to deadlines for DeFi wallet development solutions

To achieve the best results, all stakeholders and the internal staff work closely together

Comprehensive technical support upon delivery

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Various DeFi wallets


Coinbase Wallet



Atomic wallet

Trust Wallet

Magic Wallet

Dex Wallet



DeFi Wallet Development Process

Define the task

Determine what problem you intend to solve with the use of a DeFi wallet. Our DeFi development services help you determine which blockchain technology best matches your particular use case.

Design the Architecture

During this phase, you will select a location for your DeFi wallet. It can be stored locally, in the cloud, or in a combination of the two. Then you need to choose an access solution based on the nature of your organization. This could be a private or public blockchain, a hybrid blockchain, or something else.

Choose the Consensus Algorithm

Determine how network participants will validate transactions. This can be accomplished via methods such as proof of work, proof of stake, etc.

Select the Platform

Choose a blockchain platform for your DeFi wallet app development based on your stability, scalability, and budget requirements.

Design the UI

Users make judgments about DeFi wallets based on their user interface and functionality. During this phase, you'll need front-end designers and engineers who can make everything as user-friendly as possible.

Testing and Deploying

Before being deployed, the wallet must pass the testing phase.For early stages, we suggest adopting an MVP wallet model for DeFi.

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Team

Our blockchain engineers have hands-on experience with cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality DeFi wallet development services and solutions to our clients.

Time & Material

Our project-based approach and software development specialists are ready for client collaboration and participation in specific client projects.

Augmented Team

Our DeFi wallet development company concept is intended for clients who want to expand their own team with expertise their project requires-.

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