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TON Development Company

We provide a custom TON development to help you create robust and extendible apps with cutting-edge technology so your blockchain project soars with our company.

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TON Development

The Open Network, known as TON, is a highly adaptable, layer-1 blockchain protocol. The developers of the massively successful chat app Telegram are also responsible for TON. The TON platform allows for instant payments, low costs, intuitive interfaces, and minimal energy consumption. TON is a shardable, multichain blockchain network created with the intention of attracting billions of users, both inside and outside of Telegram.

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We Are an Expert TON Development Company

As a leading TON development firm, we are well-versed in the intricacies of maximizing the potential of this distributed ledger system. Skilled engineers and blockchain fans on our team are dedicated to providing clients with cutting-edge, individualized solutions.

Businesses can now connect to a decentralized network with TON’s superior safety, scalability, and openness. We have the know-how to help you through the full development process, whether you want to construct a decentralized application (DApp), design a safe and effective smart contract, or investigate the many possibilities offered by the TON ecosystem.

We Create the Open Network for You

We are dedicated to providing you with The Open Network (TON) solutions that are specifically designed to meet your requirements. Our knowledge in TON development allows us to create a blockchain solution tailored to your company’s specific needs.

With our help, you can take use of TON’s full potential and completely revamp the way your company does business. Help us build The Open Network so that you may better navigate the digital world, feel safe doing so, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Our TON Development Services

Users can enjoy the TON ecosystem in a browser-like fashion with TON Services, which is a universal platform for third-party apps developed on top of the TON blockchain. Its user-friendly interface for decentralized applications and smart contracts makes TON services available to the masses, not just the early adopters of cryptocurrencies.

Smart Contract Development

To develop a smart contract for use on the TON network, developers must first learn how to use the TON development platform. Thanks to TON's innovative design and features, such as its scalable and efficient blockchain protocol, high-performance smart contracts can be developed with ease.
Expert developers versed in smart contract programming languages like Solidity are enlisted to write the code that defines the contract's logic, conditions, and actions during development. They guarantee the contract is legally binding and up to par.

dApp Development

In TON dApp Development, programmers make use of the platform's one-of-a-kind capabilities to create decentralized applications (dApps) that solve problems in a wide range of sectors. Due to TON's distributed and scalable design, high-performance, trustworthy decentralized applications may be created with ease.

TON Technology Tools



IDE Plugins


Jetton Minter

NFT Minters

Вenefits of Using the Open Network

Wallet Integration: TON provides seamless integration with wallets, making it easy for users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) and manage their digital assets securely. With TON, users can securely store and manage their cryptocurrencies, engage in transactions, and access a wide range of dApps directly from their wallets.

Testing and Debugging: TON offers a robust testing and debugging environment for developers. It provides tools and frameworks that simplify the process of testing and identifying issues in smart contracts and dApps. This allows developers to ensure the functionality, security, and efficiency of their applications before deploying them on the network.

FunC Language for Smart Contracts: TON introduces the FunC programming language, specifically designed for writing smart contracts. FunC simplifies the development process by offering a user-friendly syntax and a high-level abstraction that enables developers to express complex contract logic concisely. It enhances code readability, reduces development time, and facilitates the creation of efficient and secure smart contracts.

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Why Choose EvaCodes

Several factors make EvaCodes the best option for your project:

The developers and tech aficionados at EvaCodes have years of experience in a wide range of fields, and they are among the best in the industry. We are well-versed in cutting-edge innovation and always abreast of industry developments. With our knowledge and experience, we can provide you with excellent services tailored to your needs.

At EvaCodes, our first priority is the happiness and success of our customers. We prioritize maintaining open lines of communication and working together with those with whom we have a long-term connection. By collaborating directly with our customers, we are able to fully grasp their needs, concerns, and long-term objectives. By putting the needs of our customers first, we are able to provide solutions that go above and beyond their expectations.

We tailor our services to your specific needs because we know that every company is different. In order to ensure that the results of your project meet your expectations, we conduct in-depth analyses of your demands and craft unique solutions. Our goal is to provide you with individualized solutions that boost your company's success.

Our Development Process

At EvaCodes, we follow a well-defined and efficient development process to ensure the successful delivery of projects. Our development process typically includes the following stages:

Requirement Gathering

Planning and Strategy

Design and Prototyping


Testing and Quality Assurance

Deployment and Launch

Our Engagement Models

Dedicated Development Team

Our blockchain developers have hands-on experience with cognitive technologies in order to provide our customers with solutions and services of the highest possible quality.

Team Extension

This model is designed to assist clients who want to augment their existing teams with members who have the specific knowledge needed for their projects.

Project-based Model

Our software development specialists and those who work with project-based models are available for customer collaboration and engagement in individual client projects.

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