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NFT Solutions For Your Needs

NFT is a trend in the decentralized finance and crypto industries. It became famous in January 2021. Since then, the world buzzes about it. Millions of USD are within the NFT market these days. It's an exciting investment field to enter. You can't miss it, drop us a line!

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NFT Development In Focus

  • NFT Art Tokenization icon NFT Art Tokenization

    The artists sign their works with NFT so the collectors can buy them. The sum of one digital image can reach millions of dollars. If you tokenize your art, you'll be able to sell it on the NFT marketplace. It's a way to become a millionaire or a billionaire overnight!

  • NFT Marketplace Development icon NFT Marketplace Development

    People went crazy about buying digital art and virtual land for NFT. This market grows each day. The collectors and fantasy lovers have found their place to be, and you can make money from it. Start your NFT market with the help of our team.

  • NFT Exchange Platform Development icon NFT Exchange Platform Development

    There are myriads of prospects to exchange NFT. Not all of those possibilities are in the market so that you can become a true innovator in this field! You can launch an NFT exchange platform. Their people will be able to trade the NFT without crypto or fiat money, for example.

Our Services

  • NFT Token Development

    Tokenize your art. If you are an artist and you want to sell digital art, drop us a line. We will tokenize your work. After this, you will be able to enter the NFT market.

  • NFT Marketplace Development

    Develop an NFT marketplace. The best way to make money on an NFT hype is to have a marketplace. People will have fun buying and selling art, and you will make money from the commissions.

  • NFT Exchange Development

    Develop an NFT exchange. Develop a secure blockchain platform for NFT trading and enjoy life while profiting from commissions.

  • NFT Consulting

    Provide consultation on NFT. If you aren’t sure you know what the hype is about, contact us. We’ll explain everything to you and tell you where you can bring NFT to your business.

  • IPO Development

    Develop an IPO. Launch your NFT business by not only tokenizing your art. Make it available to buy only for your tokens. It will make you wealthy with no hassle.

  • Cross-Chain NFT Development

    Develop a cross-chain NFT. Ensure there will be no hassle buying your NFT with bitcoins or other cryptos. Launch a cross-chain NFT.

What NFT Can Do For You

  • Turn your art into an asset icon Turn your art into an asset

  • Make you an overnight millionaire icon Make you an overnight millionaire

  • Provide you with the possibilities to innovate icon Provide you with the possibilities to innovate

  • Let you buy the best digital art and be sure it’s unique icon Let you buy the best digital art and be sure it’s unique

We’ll Provide You With

    NFT Development

    NFT is a new page for artists, collectors, and innovators. It is changing the world by making some people rich overnight. The good news is, you can get on the hype train and start earning money. It's easy if you are an artist, collector, or marketplace owner. EVA Codes team will be with you to your success.

    We can develop the following for you:

    - NFT tokens.

    - NFT art tokenization.

    - Cross-chain NFT.

    - NFT exchanges.

    - NFT IPO.

    - P2P exchange for NFT.

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