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Mortal City

Mortal MetaCities (MMC) is a game where Blockchains and DeFis meet to fight. This is a perfect place to confront whose Blockchain or DeFi is better. It is a fully decentralized on-chain multiplayer metaverse browser-based game, where the players are incentivized to use their money on earning in DeFis rather than paying that hard-earned money to game providers.

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EvaCodes professionals are a lucky strike for us. I don't know what more could one ask for. I'm sure we'll collaborate with them again and again.

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About the client

Metaverse Development
Client size
15-20 Employees
Contact person
Pat Wander
Blockchain solution
Executive summary

Client background

MMC is a multichain Play-to-Earn game built on EVM blockchains and is a fully decentralized application, including the front end. It’s a direct representation of players’ DeFi activities and aims to incentivize players to use their money on earning in DeFis instead of paying them to game providers.

Business challenge

Earn and Play is a brand-new model that debuts this game. Players don’t pay money to the game, instead, they earn money with DeFi Farming and their earnings represent assets in the game. Players earn money from day 0 with the stakes they have in other platforms which is an additional incentive for them to use the DeFis that partner with MMC.

Value delivered

As of now, the MVP of the game is ready. EvaCodes team developed the main elements of the game, including game logic, the definition of tokens used in the game and their relationship (ERC -20, ERC -721, ERC -1155), creation of tokens and deployment in the blockchain, website design, development of the core smart contracts, and many more.

Success story in detail

Being innovative means building lots of things from scratch, which is why this project takes a special place in our experience at EvaCodes. We provided full technical support for the client and developed key components of the project: from the blockchain and tokens to UI, website, and necessary documentation.

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