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SwapAcross is a one of the first EVM cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators which sources the best possible price for your crypto transaction across multiple blockchains simultaneously.

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To start off the project, EvaCodes organized a consultation meeting to better understand our requirements and requests. After that, we proceeded with the development and design of our blockchain-based platform. Their team handled the entire development process using high-end programming languages and added a wide array of functionalities, such as a cryptocurrency wallet. Additionally, their team monitored every component of the platform, including the UI and analytical data. Everything was built from scratch.

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About the client

DeFi Development
Client size
5-10 Employees
Blockchain solution
Executive summary

Client background

SwapAcross is a project looking to launch in 2023. It is a unique DEX solution allowing its users to trade and buy crypto assets. SwapAcross has the ability to search multiple blockchains simultaneously to find the best price for users’ trades.

Business challenge

The business challenge for this case was to create a modern decentralized crypto exchange that stands out from its competitors by offering a unique custom algorithm that ensures the best rates for coin swaps. The challenge involved many technical aspects, including finding new approaches to work and integrating various libraries and SDKs for connecting crypto wallets.

Value delivered

EvaCodes team created a modern decentralized crypto exchange with a beautiful design that offers one of the best rates for coin swaps among competitors, which is ensured by a unique custom algorithm.

Success story in detail

A custom algorithm for finding the best cryptocurrency exchange options makes this exchange unique. Our team managed to quickly design and implement the platform’s UI, as well as design a custom approach to the integration of libraries and SDK for connecting crypto wallets.

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