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Crypto Nomadic

Crypto Nomadic is a generative NFT art collection that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Crypto Nomadic
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About the client

Crypto Nomadic
NFT Development
Client size
15-20 Employees
Blockchain solution
Executive summary

Client background

Crypto Nomadic is an unusual collection of 7000 NFTs and a soon-to-be-released web3 platform and dApp for spontaneous travel. Crypto Nomadic is on a mission to build a community around spontaneous travel powered by blockchain technologies.

Crypto Nomadic is an exceptional and unique collection of 7000 NFTs. These tokens are set to be used in a highly innovative and cutting-edge web3 platform and dApp that is specifically designed for spontaneous travel.

Crypto Nomadic’s primary goal is to create an extensive and diverse community that is centered on the concept of spontaneous travel. With the use of blockchain technologies, Crypto Nomadic aims to revolutionize the travel industry by providing an efficient and secure way to explore the world.

Business challenge

The main challenge for Crypto Nomadic is to create an extensive and diverse community that is centered on the concept of spontaneous travel. The team needs to ensure that the web3 platform and dApp are user-friendly and efficient to attract and retain users.

Value delivered

We developed a generator that allows users to make a lot of generative art images – every user will find something to their liking. Besides that, the team created a landing page for the future NFT collection, which already allows our client to conduct a marketing campaign, and could also be used for future collections.

EvaCodes team also used CDN to optimize media content loading and deliver better UX for both the client and the end user.

Success story in detail

The key to success in this project was a 100% client-oriented approach to the development of the project. Our client has a dream of owning an NFT collection, and we are working together towards making this dream come true.

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